Why Start a Blog?

Why does anyone start a blog? To get their ideas and opinions out there, to find similarly minded people or simply as an outlet for themselves. There are various reasons behind writing a blog depending on who you ask and what they need at that point and for me I think it is about having an outlet and a creative and fun distraction from the adult reality of life. Nobody can avoid the reality of life and the responsibilities that come with it but every once and a while it’s nice to lose yourself in something fun that can transport you to a place where these responsibilities don’t exist.

Now I have various ways of giving myself a break from the reality of work, paying bills and social engagements that, honestly, at some points I want ti avoid altogether. I do this by binge watching on Netflix, reading books (normally thrillers, to give my life some form of excitement haha!) or losing myself in various youtube videos that normally revolve around theories about my favourite programmes both past and present.

Through doing this I came to realise that I actually end up watching various videos by the same people talking about simple every day things and how they deal with things changing as they get older. Now personally I prefer hiding behind my laptop screen rather than filming myself speaking about these thoughts and changes making me feel more comfortable with a blog.

As my name suggests I am a huge Disney fan and hope to cover various ideas around Disney in the future. I definitely have designated Disney World as my ultimate happy place and it would be interesting to further explore that idea, while also exploring more light hearted aspects of Disney.

I have no strict plans for my blog at this point but I hope to find comfort in writing blog posts about all things I am interested in and all random thoughts that come into my head. I hope in doing this I find something that helps me to relax and in turn hope that my thoughts and feelings on certain topics, particularly topics involving adult life, makes someone else feel better and less overwhelmed by it all

Thanks a lot guys xxx

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