Hello November

Saw a lot of these kind of posts around with some detailing specific things they enjoy about each month and I thought what a perfect way to really begin my more positive approach.

Now I’ll be honest, November has always been one of those in between months that I don’t completely wish away but I never entirely sad to see it go because once it goes that means it’s my favourite month of the year! However after actually stopping to think about certain things I like about the next 4 weeks of the year I have managed to find some positives here and there.

It becomes a time of year where it is almost acceptable to see all the christmas stuff out in all the supermarkets. Yes even this can actually be a positive. After hearing people moan and having endless conversations with people about how it just seems to get earlier and earlier for when the christmas stuff comes out it’s nice to be able to firmly put Halloween behind us and even grudgingly accept that christmas stuff can now sit proudly on the shelves.

A personal one for me is that November means it’s my mum’s birthday! Now she never wants to do anything to celebrate and is often one of those people that never tells you what she would like for her birthday either because she would “appreciate anything” and I am sure this has been heard from nearly every son or daughter when they have asked their own mum about birthday present ideas. Despite my mum’s attitude towards celebrating her birthday I like to look at it as a chance to mark off a certain day to be with family. At 24 I have grown to realise how much I do actually value my time with family and if anything it’s nice to have specific days to mark off for that since I tend to be constantly juggling between spending time with friends and family while also allowing myself some alone time and peace and quiet too. This day has therefore gotten better over the years as now it’s a day where I am almost guaranteed to see my beautiful niece and simply enjoy the company of those I can be myself around.

I love how the nights have really started to draw in so that it is dark at 5pm. This makes the house feel that much cosier and gives me an excuse to sometimes curl up at home instead of going out somewhere, particularly after making it home from work. It gives me a chance to light more candles in my room making my room an overall calmer place to be that smells amazing!

Overall November is a bit of a weird month for me because I often find myself counting down until it’s December but there are certain things I find enjoyable. I’m sure my list for December will be much bigger but every month is different.


Thanks guys xxxx

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