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Music Memories

Music is a great part of life and it normally helps to engrain particular memories of people and places in your mind. Depending on your mood you can enjoy the music and want to do nothing but dance or you could find yourself really listening to the lyrics and get transported back to a certain memory.


Recently I find myself caring more about certain songs because of a time or person they remind me of. This list could be close to never ending if I sat and thought properly but here are some that spring to my mind first.

Gerry Rafferty, Baker Street – Christmas mornings when I was younger because my dad always had a Gerry Rafferty CD playing in the background when we opened presents, although it was often at war with the radio playing in the kitchen that was blaring more traditional Christmas songs.

Rod Stewart, Baby Jane – My mum and big brother dancing together at every family party because my mum used to dance with my brother as a baby to this. It’s basically become their song so any time it plays at a party they will not be far behind on the dance floor.

The Script, Paint the Town Green – Dancing with my big brother at his wedding. We had been at a Script concert the month before and both said we really liked the song so when it was his wedding he got this song to play and the two of us had the dance floor to ourselves.

Maroon 5, What Lovers Do – My beautiful little niece! Right now this is just one of those songs she can’t help but dance to whenever it plays. She’s only 13 months old but she literally stops whatever she’s doing to twirl and bob her head to this, cutest thing ever!

Lukas Graham, 7 Years –  Travelling around parts of Europe with friends when we went to visit a friend that moved to Luxembourg the year before. The song fit in well with the relaxed landscape we passed going from Luxembourg to Paris. Such a good holiday.

Rihanna, Umbrella – Family holiday to Florida where it played constantly on every music channel for the 2 weeks we were there. It funnily enough fit in pretty well with the line “it’s raining raining, oh it’s raining raining” because of the typical Florida storms we got from about 4pm until it dried up minutes later.

Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – me and my best friend somehow surviving our final year at university. Before and after every meeting we had with our individual supervisors for our dissertations we thought of this song because more times than not we were almost reduced to tears because of something our supervisors had said haha.

Funny how songs you might not even necessarily like become important to you because it just happened to be playing at an important moment.

Thanks guys


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