Life Stories

North Berwick


Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach… even in the freezing cold weather conditions in November?

Personally I think there is something so relaxing and calming about being at the beach, just watching the waves and the other people go by. Right now these are the best plans I think something as simple as this is often so underrated with people preferring to spend a fortune and go out for dinner and drinks (which don’t get me wrong I will never say no to dinner) but often forget the simple pleasures in life that ultimately cost nothing apart from maybe a bit of petrol money.

Walking about a beach rather than being in a restaurant or cinema forces you to have more genuine conversations without your concentration being on anything else because I don’t know about anyone else but at a restaurant I am extremely focused on my food or we’ve all been guilty of being too interested in our phones rather than speaking to each other. Of course I used my phone to take photos of the great view but I think it is a lot harder to lose yourself in a phone when surrounded by such a wonderful place.

I found myself speaking to my boyfriend about the most random and fun things, like he spent most of the time there counting how many dogs he had seen! So often we end up having the same dull real life conversations with those we care about. Ending up talking about boring work stories or me talking about what programme I ended up watching on Netflix, whereas by being out and about the most random things come into your head and due to the relaxed nature you are more likely to genuinely enjoy talking about it rather than when you’re stressed after a long work week where you don’t particularly want to invest in any real conversation.

It was such a good day and gave me some much needed fresh air that I think everyone could do with! To those of you out there keep things simple. Try having a simple walk with a friend or family member instead of spending your day in the house watching boxsets or spending money on dinner dates etc. A dinner date or a trip to the cinema, zoo etc is always fun but it can add up quickly so try appreciating the simpler things more.

Thanks guys


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