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Best Friends Abroad

One thing I have learnt to appreciate more particularly over the past two years are the best friends you have that now live abroad. There are various reasons why someone might move country and in some cases they might never plan to come back for more than an odd visit and that can be quite a blow because for me anyway I suddenly realised how much I missed the simple things about them.

One friend moved with their boyfriend to Luxembourg because they both felt there was a greater chance of getting jobs suited to them and it gave them a chance to spend a weekend in Paris at the drop of a hat! It’s hard not to be slightly jealous when you see her instagram feed full of beautiful scenic photos when I am no doubt looking out at rainy weather on a Saturday morning. It gave us a chance to throw a mini leaving party before she left that pushed our entire group together because where sometimes an odd excuse would stop someone from going to a plan, nobody wanted to miss the chance to say goodbye when at this point we only had a rough plan in the works to visit her in Luxembourg earlier the next year. 1914487_1071635002880470_996625127101877327_nHer moving gave us all an opportunity to go somewhere that we might never have considered before, and we definitely made a massive plan of it! Travelling to Germany, Luxembourg and Paris all in one holiday ( I would recommend to anyone to see these places)

For me by her moving to a different country I suddenly appreciated the smaller things. Sending Christmas cards to each other or still reaching out and including her in our Secret Santa each year so she knows we still think about her. When we visited her nothing she done annoyed me like it might have back home. No matter how much we love our friends they manage to annoy us pretty easily sometimes, whereas this didn’t happen when we were with her. We appreciated the time with her and took more time to talk to her rather than sit across from her in a restaurant with our phones out. We were all in Luxembourg for 3 days and originally thinking we would maybe only manage to see her for one of those days we were surprised to see her and her boyfriend had planned out our time for the 3 days. Similarly when we know she’s coming back for a visit we make a point of making sure to go for dinner together, no matter how busy life is sometimes that little reminder helps put things back into perspective.


Another best friend moved to Copenhagen to study his masters for 2 years. Now this case was probably more difficult for me because out of the two friends that have moved abroad he was probably the one I saw most regularly. Not only is he best friends with my boyfriend and me but he lived 5 minutes from me and always enjoyed the most random and last minute plans.

Thankfully him moving didn’t come with the same dread and worry of not getting to see it because he has sometimes come back home for2 days just to see us (or his family I’m sure!). Organising a trip to Copenhagen was also much easier and because of his laid back approach to life it didn’t require as much planning. Him moving away made me miss the simple car journeys he used to take us on that always resulted in us getting lost but learning to enjoy the ride. I missed his optimistic carefree attitude, especially at times when all I did was worry about my job etc.


Basically if a best friend tells you they’re moving away for work, university or just because try not to get too upset. Often it can make you appreciate that friendship so much more and be more present in it that when this person lives nearby. It can sometimes give you a chance to see amazing parts of the world that you might otherwise not have considered. I can honestly say Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Copenhagen definitely weren’t at the top of my travel bucket list but I am so glad I got to see them. My friends and I still talk about these trips and I think that has brought us all closer together too.

Thanks guys


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