Travel Bucket List

Funny to think that by now at 24 I have managed to have around 18 holidays in 10 different countries as well as various trips across to different places in Scotland. I live in the era where almost everyone I went to school with has travelled around Asia or went off to somewhere like Australia so I am not nearly as well travelled as a lot of people, however considering my mum and dad’s first trip abroad was for their honeymoon when they were 20 I think I’m doing pretty well so far.

Thanks to the world seeming like a much smaller place these days long haul trips to places like New Zealand are much more manageable, with places all around Asia and Africa also feeling a lot more accessible. Due to this my travel bucket list is a lot more varied than my parents’ one and is easily influenced by listening to friends and other family members meaning there are places now on my list that even 5 years ago I may never have considered.

New Zealand – now this will always be at the top of my list! My brother and sister in law spent a month going to New Zealand and Australia back when they were only 21 and I have always loved the idea of going myself considering how much he still speaks about it now. I’d be lying if this didn’t have something to do with me once being obsessed with the Lord of the Rings films but after looking at all my brother’s photos and stories it is definitely somewhere I need to see one day. Like the scenery is just incredible, there is no way I can go my whole life without experiencing this beautiful country!


New York – Pretty sure this is on everyone’s travel list outside of America. My parents rave about this place and have had a few return visits, managing to do something different each time.There are tons of programmes and movies I have seen where New York is the destination and it definitely makes me want to visit when the programme or movie has a good vibe to it. Christmas movies make you willing to go right amongst the busy holidays crowds just to see the amazing decorations with the added Christmas feel of the cold weather.

Barcelona – Now technically I spent a day in Barcelona when I went on a day trip while on holiday in Salou but that didn’t give me nearly enough time to fully explore and enjoy the place. The football stadium tour was amazing but that was about all I really managed.


After enjoying my trip last year to Rome so much I really want to have another chance at Barcelona as a proper city break. Both my parents and the odd few friends have really loved this place and said it’s insane how much you appreciate the architecture even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it.  

Tokyo – A friend of mine went here last year and honestly her photos look insane. It’s always been one of those places that I just could never imagine what it would be like to be there amongst all the hustle and bustle. Not only does the city look stunning, especially at night but there is just something about it that seems to interesting and different to any other cities I’ve been to.

San Fransisco – I honestly have no idea what it is about this place that makes me want to see it. I can’t think of any specific sight or activity I want to do. Maybe it’s the Golden Gate Bridge that draws me in or it’s just the idea of ticking another place off. Various programmes I watched when I was younger was set in San Fransisco so it might be that (thanks That’s So Raven!). Either way I am sure I would find loads to do!

Switzerland – Again thanks to a friend spending a weekend there I got to see her beautiful photos and wow the scenery looks amazing! This country just seems like one of those places that I would instantly feel relaxed in. Getting to look out at the mountains and the water is something everyone needs a chance to do.

Hawaii – Aww Hawaii this definitely comes from watching Lilo and Stitch, Hawaii Five O and yes even Lost to a certain degree. I am a complete water baby and love all types of water sports imaginable so it might be a long trip to enjoy water sports I could get closer to home but I honestly can’t fault that scenery. My mum and dad went there a couple of years ago and it definitely looks like somewhere I’d enjoy. Best part being that there are various islands to travel to that from the limited research I’ve done all have something different to offer.

Hawaii 4 001

and so many more…

These are only a few and I have a feeling I will end up seeing so many more places I haven’t planned for, since at least 3 of my trips in the past 2 years were never places I would have considered before!

Thanks guys


4 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List”

  1. New Zealand is my NUMBER ONE!!! Seriously, I dream of it, but it’s so so far from me! Hopefully one day we can both check it off the list! 🙂


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