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Breakfast Dates

breakfast-690128_1920Going for breakfast seems to be one of the most popular things to do these days and from the reaction I get from my parents when I tell them I am once again going for breakfast with friends I think it’s definitely a plan that suits my generation.  My mum says it was never something they considered doing back in her day whereas nowadays I can’t go through instagram without finding various people out for breakfast or brunch (really all I seem to see is avocado and toast).

This got me thinking about why I go for breakfast dates with my friends. Is it simply because I’m following the herd and that seems to be what people do now? Is it because it’s fun to go for breakfast because it breaks away from the daily breakfast routine I have in every day life?

Honestly I think it’s because I feel I have the best conversations across a breakfast table rather than any other. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of any plan with my friends (and family) that involve food and I also love more fun, active plans like bowling where my competitive nature gets a chance to come out but there is something ultimately so calming and relaxing about breakfast with those closest to you.

Nowadays we are all guilty of being often “too busy” for simple things like sitting around a table together or even just being present in the moment. From my personal experience people tend to have their phones glued to them more when out for dinner or lunch than if it’s over breakfast.

Breakfast used to be something that you had every morning and it tended to be almost identical every day. Weekdays meant cereal or toast because I had class to go to and weekends either meant cereal because I had work to go to or it meant a fry up style breakfast because I was off at the weekend for once. The only time breakfast became a family gathering was when we were on holiday and let’s be honest holidays create a completely different atmosphere where you are more likely to spend every moment together. As I started making money and having limited time with those closest to me suddenly every free moment became an opportunity to spend time together. This often led to going out really late at night and coming home very early morning, having lunch dates at the weirdest times or going for frozen yoghurt in December at 8 O’clock at night.

Enter breakfast dates…

We started going for breakfast closer to our graduations as we began to have more time that lined up. Often this would also mean this conversation took place,

“I’ve got work at 11am but I can meet you before that and leave straight from breakfast for work”

Ok maybe enough backstory, why do I think breakfast is one of the best plans to have with friends? Because it starts your day off right. After meeting people for breakfast I feel like I have started my day on the right foot. By the time it’s 11am I have already managed to have a proper meal but also see some people that I may not have seen for quite a while. This creates a sense of accomplishment for me because more often than not I feel like I stretch myself too thin because of all the people I want to spend time with and never manage to fit them all in.

Breakfast seems to be a time when people are more open about life. At dinner people complain about a bad day at work or are often tired from the day they’ve already had and can’t quite be as present as they would like to be. Also if I go for dinner it is normally around 7pm and this always seems to be a time that everyone else is also active, therefore your phone goes off more frequently because

  • someone at work has gossip for you about something at work
  • your other group chats are going off because something else has happened during the day
  • your mum is asking when you’ll be home
  • you’ve checked into wherever you are so your social media is going off
  • your other friends are snap chatting you

Now of course people could be contacting you if you’re out at breakfast at 10am but from my experience breakfast is overall a more relaxed tine. People are still waking up and getting ready for the day ahead. People seem more open so rather than complaining about a bad day at work they might actually speak about their job overall. I find my friends speaking more about the “deeper” things in life like whether or not the job is the job I want. People seem more invested in what you say at this time because they have less to distract them from the present. Ultimately I feel closer to my friends when we’re out for breakfast. Surely your friends must be important to you if you’re willing to get up early on a day off to meet them for breakfast.

Yes I get up early because I want those pancakes I’ve been thinking about since we arranged this but I also get up early becauseI am more excited to talk about literally anything that we all need to.


Not only does meeting for breakfast force you to get up and start your day off in a positive way but it gives you a chance to talk about anything that’s on your mind before the realities of life take hold for that day. It’s far too easy to get swept away in the rush of modern life where even when you are having dinner with friends your phone seems to take most of your attention. To me breakfast has allowed to me to see different sides to my friends and as much as I would never want them to face in struggles in life it has given me a chance to see that everyone has problems in life – often we are all going through the same things.

At 24 I have no idea where I will be in the next year, never mind 5 or even 10 years and often forget that just because my friends lives look like they’re worked out, my friends still have their own worries and guess what – we’re all winging it! Everyone is different and connects with their friends in different ways but for me breakfast dates has been the best way. They have opened up more about the real issues they have but have also managed to use the time over our pancakes, eggs, waffles, bacon and whatever else to turn life into a positive. We set plans in actions so instead of saying we will go to the cinema, bowling or even go on holiday we actually properly discuss it and 9 times out of 10 we succeed in getting ourselves there.

Ultimately the goal is to find something you can do with your friends that allows you to relax and enjoy each other’s company without too many distractions. We’ve all tried the all phones in the table trick – and it doesn’t always work. Why not try finding something where you don’t feel your phone has to be there, find something where you’re only interest is those around the table. For me this is breakfast, plus they do always say breakfast is the most important meal don’t they?

Thanks guys


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