5 Reasons I Love Winter

red-2925963_1920I cam never make up my mind which season is in fact my favourite. I would probably say summer or winter – the two most extreme seasons, however each year as the seasons change I find things about each season I look forward to.

Nevertheless since we are in Winter, Winter will be my favourite season for now, you know until it’s Spring and I suddenly cannot wait for the cold dark mornings to stop!

Reasons I Love Winter

1.Early Nights – Now to be honest I quite enjoy the dark mornings but this normally only happens if it involves a morning where I don’t need to go to work where I can properly enjoy the cosy morning darkness. So early nights definitely work better for me. I instantly feel that much cosier in my house, especially once I finish work because all I want to do is cuddle up and relax, meaning the dark weather helps emphasise this.

2. Atmosphere – This could be down to the lead up to Christmas but either way I love the atmosphere that comes along with winter! Everyone seems a lot brighter and happier in their attitudes despite the fact they are no doubt stressed trying to get all their Christmas shopping done. The Christmas decorations definitely add to the pleasant atmosphere and for me the more lights and tinsel the better. Add to this the chance of snow to add to that magical feeling and nothing quite beats the feeling that comes along with Winter.


3. Winter accessories – I would be lying if I didn’t bring in the fact that I love even the trivial things about winter. I get far too excited about the idea of getting to wear hats, scarves and gloves pretty much all the time. For me these items add to the previously mentioned atmosphere by making me feel cosier and happier.

4.  Comfort food – Winter (mainly Christmas) gives everyone the excuse they need to overdo it with food and drink. Suddenly everyone wants warm drinks like hot chocolate and of course with that you have to have all the toppings possible! Dinner dates and cosy nights in become more common and cold weather means walking into the house with the smell of soup and other comforting food.


5. Family time – This is definitely my favourite thing about winter! Everyone is more willing to see family during this time of year, meaning you may even see family members that you haven’t seen for a long time. Dark nights mean staying in is sometimes the best option and instead of getting swept away with every day life, Winter normally finds people using the time they have to watch Christmas movies or programmes with those closest to them. Simple activities take centre stage and from personal experience this normally leads to me helping my dad make his soup or go shopping with my parents just to wander round and enjoy the decorations.

Thanks guys


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