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Christmas in Edinburgh

For some it might still be a bit too early for Christmas but as soon as the markets and stuff go up in Edinburgh I take any opportunity to go through and enjoy everything there! I mean look at it!

IMG_6076Now I will be the first to say that yesterday was a bit of a long day, maybe being there from 12pm until about 8.30pm was a bit much but at least the pressure is off for next time I go through.

I went through with a few of my best friends to go Christmas shopping, now I wouldn’t say we were overly successful on the Christmas shopping front considering only one of us managed to get anything even closely resembling Christmas presents. I on the other hand managed to get myself new boots, but I did manage to have a look around and get a few more ideas for Christmas so that’s still progress, right?

It’s amazing how normally when I can’t stand crowds when I go shopping that somehow when it’s this time of year I become more tolerant of it. We spent ages going through the shops looking at all sorts of fun Christmas present ideas and looking at comfy Christmas themed jammies for our movie night on 22nd December.

As soon as it got dark we were even more buzzing because you just cannot beat how Edinburgh looks at Christmas when everything is lit up. Going round the cute little market stalls looking at things you probably would on a normal day just walk past but you get drawn in by the excitement and atmosphere of the place. The smell of the food was insane, the burgers, the waffles even the Bailey’s hot chocolate, heaven.

Now I don’t normally go on any of the rides there, I’m there for all the food I can find, considering a few years ago I went on the big wheel and found out I actually hate the big wheel, so as you can imagine that was fun. IMG_6065

I will never be brave enough to go on this but I was brave enough to watch my friends on it haha. The view but be amazing and to be fair my friends came off this crying with laughter so that can only be a good thing. I went for a much more tame ride but still the atmosphere of the place makes you enjoy it so much more. We were laughing until our sides hurt, so guess who will be making a return visit?!

From yesterday alone I feel so much more excited for Christmas. Being somewhere like this allows you to enjoy the smaller things more because you are more willing to try anything there because not only is it Christmas but you want to enjoy this magical place. For someone that is happy to stay indoors with a book some days it’s incredible that all day here felt like it went in an absolute flash. Great company helps this so make sure to spend these days building up to Christmas with those most important to you, those that can make the simple things so much more fun and memorable.


Thanks guys


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