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Grateful List

thanks-1804597_1920Ok I’m a bit late with doing this list for it tie in with the Thanksgiving weekend, however since I’m Scottish and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving anyway I’m going to just go ahead with it anyway.

This time of year always seems to push people to realise what they are thankful for, sometimes it’s obvious things such as family and friends and sometimes it’s more interesting and trivial things that appear more personal and significant to that person.

Now what am I thankful for? Now before I give real specific things that are important just to me as an individual I will say without question I am thankful for my family and friends! Not only do they put up with me on my worst days but they manage to help create some of my best days.


My niece – Ok my niece counts as family but she deserves her only little mention because of just how amazing she is. I never knew I needed a niece in my life until she came into mine last year. I am thankful for her because she has managed to do so many things for me without even realising. She has made me genuinely appreciate my brother and sister-in-law more and if anything made me love them more just by seeing them with her. She has given me a person that can honestly make me smile no matter how bad my day has been, often making me laugh by doing something silly (knocking down the tower of blocks I’ve built for her). Honestly she has made my life better and she’s only 1 year old so I can only imagine what she is going to do for my life as she gets older.

My bed – At this time of year I become even more thankful for my bed. Dark mornings and dark nights just make me want to curl up in it and stay there! I instantly feel relaxed as soon as I see my bed again, especially after a long day. My bed is probably my favourite place and I will always be thankful that I have it because no matter how I feel my bed makes it better.


Weekends – After working pretty much every weekend during my days at university I definitely have learned to value my weekends off now that I have a Monday to Friday job. Whether I choose to fill these weekends with tons of plans or choose to use them as time to recharge my batteries for the week ahead I truly appreciate having them at all. So to all students out there you will get your weekends back soon!

Books – Books are literally mu sanctuary! When I am desperate for a bit of time to myself to relax after a hard day at work or a long week you will no doubt find me with my face in a book. If I’m worried about something it instantly takes my mind off it by letting me lose myself in someone else’s world. At least fictional character’s problems can be solved quickly! Not sure how I would cope if I didn’t have books to read. No matter what mood I am in I will find a book that fits perfectly for me in that moment.


My mum’s soup – This is very specific but it’s something I literally wait for this time of year for! Everyone will say their gran or dad or whoever makes the best type of soup but I really have not found a better lentil soup that the one my mum makes. This instantly makes any day better! After a day out in the cold Scottish weather there is nothing better than coming home to the smell of that wonderful soup, knowing it’s going to quickly heat you right up. As i get older I’m more thankful for simply what it represents, family, warmth, comfort.

Dinners out with my dad – I love my little dinner dates with my dad. We don’t do it very often, it normally means it’s his birthday because we always spend the day together then, just the two of us or it means my mum is away out doing something herself and left us to fend for ourselves. Which to be fair is probably best considering we get on better when it’s just the two of us. I’m thankful for these because they give me time away from real life where me and my dad can get lost in pointless conversations while stuffing our faces.

Facetime – This sounds like a weird one but let me explain. I have over time become somehow that really can’t be bothered with texting the same as I could when I was 18 years old. FaceTime allows me the chance to speak to my boyfriend or friend as if we are next to each other which often makes me feel like I have a better half an hour FaceTime conversation than if I had text this person all day. This gives me the chance to completely focus on the conversation I am having with the person and then this gives me the chance to focus more on other things I’m doing once I hang up the phone. Don’t get me wrong I text and it is incredibly helpful to be able to do it but FaceTime gives me a better sense of a personal conversation, so if I haven’t seen someone for a few days it helps create that feeling of being next to them.

Disney – I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t thankful for everything Disney. The Disney films give me a chance to escape from adult life and enjoy the story and songs involved in them, while Disneyworld has given me some of the best memories possible. It is thanks to Disney that I have a place that I will always feel completely relaxed and at home despite only having a few holidays to Disneyworld.


I’m sure there are tons more things I’m thankful for and I should really make a note to myself to appreciate these things throughout the year not just the last few months.

Thanks guys


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