Hello December

christmas-2979592_1920Wow how has it got to December already?!

I swear the older I get the more the year just seems to pass by in an instant. I still have such vivid memories of my summer holiday and going to my first proper football game with my dad and brother at the start of the year and yet somehow that day was almost a year ago now!

However I would be lying if I said I wasn’t unbelievably excited about the fact that it is December. Of course that means Christmas and I love the whole build up to Christmas day. Noe finding positive things about this month was pretty easy.

It’s now pretty much acceptable to have Christmas decorations up and with that comes loads of personal favourites of mine. I absolutely love putting my Christmas tree up, it always starts out with the best of intentions but normally ends in my mum getting left to make sure the tinsel looks good before I eventually go back and get a bit too OCD with where the decorations go. However once it’s all done there really is no better sight than me seeing my Christmas tree at the bottom of my stairs every morning and then seeing it lit up every night.


Even at 24 I still love that December means opening my advent calendar. Over the years I have managed to stop myself from eating the chocolate first thing in the morning and instead waiting until I get home from work, you know for that little extra treat after a long day.

Christmas markets! I love the Christmas markets and even though they tend to be open at some point in November there is always something about going to them in December when you can feel the excitement for Christmas from everyone else.

More personal for me is the fact it’s my dad’s birthday, only two days before Christmas so you can imagine how getting presents for him is a nightmare. But I do love that over the last few years me and my dad have created a tradition of the two of us going for lunch for his birthday ( of course I’m paying) but it’s just the two us. Some go through to Edinburgh in the morning and wander round the market stalls, sometimes also attempting to help my dad finish any last minute Christmas shopping before we go to lunch and eat far too much! It’s a nice chance to properly catch up and as I’ve gotten older we seem to want to talk more haha. Although Florida always seems to be a topic we could go on and on about for years.


My own little tradition of watching Flintstones Christmas Carol also begins on 1st December and no matter how much time passes I never seem to outgrow this. I’ve had it since I was about 2 years old and it honestly has to be one of my favourites to watch.

Overall December is probably one of my favourite overall months simply because it’s the month everyone manages to make time to spend as much time with family as possible. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and boring every day life but somehow December and Christmas brings something out in people that makes them able to find that little bit extra time. December for me means seeing loads of family members, making loads of plans with my friends and generally just enjoying the simple things too like cuddling up with a book or Christmas film when it’s really dark outside.


Thanks guys


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