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Christmas Shopping Update

box-2953725_1920Thought I would do a fun little post today because well first of all it’s Tuesday and they have always been a bit of a rubbish day in my week, just out of Monday but nowhere near Friday and secondly because it’s Christmas and I feel doing this will actually help me feel more organised!

I actually feel relatively organised this year with regards to my Christmas shopping. This year I have my usual family members to buy for, my boyfriend and his family, as well as two secret santas.

So far I have finished one of my secret Santa’s ready for a girly Christmas night at mine on 22nd. Not only have I actually managed to finish the present but I am really happy with what I got this person feeling it is very thoughtful and well suited to them. However I am not going to risk mentioning too much about it in case this person sees it!

I can however tell you about my second secret santa that I am almost finished with. This one is more fun because I am really trying to make it silly. I’m sure they will enjoy their pizza slice cushion! To be fair it is really comfy so hopefully they will actually get proper use out of it and it could always work well as a conversation starter right?

This year I am also under strict instructions not to get my brother or sister-in-law anything and just get presents for my niece. Now of course I didn’t really listen to this because everyone needs something to open on Christmas morning so I got my sister-in-law a box of her favourite chocolates and my brother some of his favourite sweets. Nothing too exciting but I know my brother loves having presents to open.


Bringing me to my niece which is pretty much the only family member I know I have definitely finished. Now what do you get a 13 month old? Well I got her new bath toys, a cute Frozen music box and a pair of vans that have Yoshi on them because well to be honest my brother will actually love them! Plus she will be more excited about the wrapping paper at this point anyway.

I have basically finished my boyfriend’s present, however I will not say what it is on this because he will see it and that’s no fun!

My mum and dad probably are finished but I never feel like I can buy my mum enough stuff and I always buy loads for my dad because his birthday is on 23rd December. My mum so far has typical mum things I would say including; a candle, new bag and chocolates. She will of course moan at me for getting her more than just the candle because me and my brother always get her “too much”. My dad tends to also get basically the same stuff every year with his new favourite being a personalised desk calendar for his office. This year is probably a bit more fun since most of his calendar is filled with my niece.

So far I feel pretty good about all the stuff I have so far but I never feel truly settled until the presents are wrapped and under the tree so we’ll see if I could make any of that possible over the next few days.


Thanks guys


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