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Early Resolution

I wasn’t going to do a post about my resolutions until New Year, however as of right now one of my good friends is sleeping outside in Edinburgh as part of the Sleep in the Parkcampaign to try and help the homeless and this got me thinking.


I take so much for granted! I don’t mean to but I really do. While my friend is no doubt freezing I am currently cosy in my bed (that has cosy Christmas themed covers) with a Christmas film playing in the background while I eat a late night snack before I then go on to most likely read my book. Now my friend is doing an amazing thing but at least to get her though the worst of the night she can think about being back in her own cosy bed soon but there are so many that can’t do that.

Now everyone knows the drill we don’t really appreciate what we have or do much to help those that have nothing until something big happens in our own lives to make us think about it. We don’t truly appreciate those we love until we lose them and we don’t appreciate having a full fridge until suddenly we lose a job and can’t afford what we once could.

This doesn’t make us bad or ungrateful it just makes us a bit unintentionally ignorant of other people’s bigger problems. Over the years I have done a few things to help such as raising money for cancer research but I have also walked past countless people on the streets with cups asking for money as if I didn’t see them. I want to believe this doesn’t make me a bad person because a lot of the time it is because I am too wrapped up in my own life to really consider how hard it is for some people. Just like we get wrapped up in our own problems that in reality probably aren’t problems at all, something along the lines of “the wifi is being so slow”.

So I am going to attempt to take more time for people, not just those that clearly need help but even those in my life that look like they have it all. I am going to appreciate the simple things in life more and the people in it. It’s easy at Christmas to be with family and friends because that’s what everyone does and I always try my best to get my family good presents I know will bring them happiness and often this is a time when the cost of things doesn’t matter. What’s difficult is finding the same time for people when the reality of every day life sinks back in once New Year is over.

So an early resolution for me is going to do just that. I am not going to sacrifice all my time but make better use of my time with people. I am going to appreciate simple things like coming home to a warm house more rather than moaning about my hard day at work or appreciate the full fridge rather than moan that my dad got the wrong type of yoghurts. First world problems right? I am also hopefully going to do more for those that need help, like donating old clothes or challenging myself to raise money for different charities.

Thanks guys


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