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New Job

Well I have to say I am going out of 2017 with a bang managing to finally find myself a full time permanent job!

reach-2697953_1920After leaving my job at Starbucks last October I have been doing temporary posts to get that good old favourite word – experience. Considering my Starbucks job was meant to get me through university and I was there for just over a year after I graduated I think I was definitely in need of a change. If only I could have taken my work family with me.

Now temporary jobs are all well and good but they are probably not the best for me considering I need a job that I can properly settle in and then possibly never leave. Of course there are benefits like if the job isn’t the best or isn’t how you originally thought it would be then at least it’s only short term but I cannot explain to you how excited I am about not having to look through job sites anymore!

This job only came about because I finally got off my high horse and accepted that despite studying for 4 years at university sometimes you still need to start at the bottom. If I was willing to go into proper graduate schemes then I would have probably got a much fancier job like my brother did but I am not one of those people that would feel comfortable in a job with a lot of responsibility to start off with, I am definitely one of those people that prefers working my way up.

laptop-2557574_1920So anyone out there that is struggling with getting that real job after graduating don’t worry too much. Yes it might take you longer than you planned but it will happen and when it happens it will be the job you are meant to get! If you still live at home with your parents take advantage and go for jobs to get some more experience or turn down jobs you know won’t make you happier or get you closer to what you want.

I hope my new job gives me a new sense of peace in my life because moving from job to job over the past year hasn’t been too much fun for me. No idea where it could lead but regardless I am grateful to be in the position I am now.

Thanks guys


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