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Christmas Update

Ok it’s a bit late but considering how busy this time of year is I’m sure it’s more than acceptable.

Well I was definitely spoiled this year and I am always amazed how my family and friends manage to continue to get amazing presents considering that I can never find anything I want since I tend to buy things I want or need went I want them. Suddenly Christmas becomes a time for the good old practical gifts and you even get excited for them!

But this year everyone close to me still managed to outdo themselves!

I’m just back from a breakfast date with some friends and this means I also managed to pick up my secret santa present so I can give a proper list of what I got. berries-1869421_1920

Well first of all I have two shows to look forward to in the first few months of 2018! First I get to see the Script again with my boyfriend in February and then I get to see Hairspray for the first time with my mum and dad in March. So excited! Sometimes I think these are the best type of presents because it means you actually have something to do and look forward to.

Of course there were some more practical gifts which I am just as thankful for. A new electric toothbrush, which according to my friends over breakfast is an amazing gift! Must be our age haha. New pyjamas and fluffy socks are always a must as well as a new super soft housecoat which is great considering I have basically lived in it the past few days because of the cold.

My best present would probably have to be my Nintendo Switch, I mean who wouldn’t want that?! Not only did I get this amazing new console but I have 3 games with it. The new Zelda game and Mario Kart – literally takes me right back to my childhood so I’m not complaining. The great thing about this is it gives my family something to do as well. My brother came over for dinner on Boxing Day and we ended up playing Mario Kart like we did when we were kids.

These are only some of the presents I got but I have to say as I get older I tend to be more excited to see other people’s reactions to what I get them. This was the first year that my family actually went out the house to someone else’s since we normally stay at home for Christmas. This year we went to my brother’s in the morning to open presents with him, my sister-in-law and niece and we were there about an hour before I even remembered that I had presents from “Santa” still to open. I was more excited to see my brother’s reaction when he saw the cute pair of Vans I got my niece that have Yoshi, my brother’s main choice of character in Mario Kart on them. I was excited to see my mum and dad’s reactions to what I got them and also what they got each other.

Funny how we learn to appreciate different things as we get older. A child version of me would never believe I would be more excited to watch other people open presents than open my own but it happens. I definitely look more forward to the people I get to see and the silly traditions that come with it than the presents under the tree.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas with those closest to them and got everything they asked for.

Thanks guys


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