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2017 in a Nutshell

As 2017 draws to a close it’s got me thinking a lot about how my year actually was and to be honest I don’t have much to complain about.

Just like any other year there have been ups and downs. Maybe the downs have been a little worse than in previous years but I think that’s a reality of life and growing older since you become more aware of things and how they affect you.

So realistically what has 2017 been like…

I travelled quite a bit – I didn’t have as massive a holiday as in 2016 but I still managed to travel to different places this year. A group of us travelled to Copenhagen to see a best friend of ours 😊 It looks like we may be visiting again sometime in 2018 so can’t complain there!

ve been back to Disneyland Paris! Might give it a break for a while now since I desperately want to get back to Florida but it was nice little Disney boost <<
ent to Rhodes in Greece which means I can finally tick a Greek island off my travel list. <<
well as traveling to York in England for a quick nose about with a few friends. Nothing overly extravagant like our massive road trip holiday last year but definitely a great year of holidays ✈️

I managed my friendships better – This year I have managed to maintain friendships a lot better and grow to accept that we’re no longer able to see each other all the time, sometimes we don’t want to! I feel the time I spend with my friends has been more valuable this year because I haven’t desperately stretched myself too thin to try and please everyone.

I started running more – I started 2017 with a 5k run in Edinburgh that was a pretty tall order for a first attempt considering it went up and back down Arthur’s seat. Since doing that I have managed to join a weekly 5k run close to home every Saturday morning and done another 5k run at the Kelpies in Falkirk. Not only has running really helped my fitness but it also has helped clear my mind and given me a good excuse to meet up with a couple friends every Saturday morning img_6902I have started the process ofletting myself off the hook – I have attempted to stop giving myself such a hard time this year and simply let things happen as they do. I have tried to focus more on time to myself when I need it and not make myself feel guilty for saying no every once in a while.

Overall 2017 has been a pretty good year and I hope things I have started this year continue into 2018 and beyond! Who knows maybe I’ll tick something off my travel bucket list in 2018!

Thanks guys


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