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2018 Resolutions

I’m never normally a fan of making new year resolutions since I always get the feeling these tend to be something you say when you’re fully up for achieving them but slowly give up on as real life begins again in the new year

However this year I decided I would do it to attempt to keep myself on the right track and possibly even push myself into new situations. To do this I am not going to give myself a definite timeline in when to achieve these but I’m going to keep them about as a reminder. Surely achieving even part of these is better than none at all right?

What do I want to do in 2018? Well there are a few thing I’d either like to achieve or see and there are a few things I would in general like to change.

Things to Change

Spend less time on my phone, specifically social media.

Stop comparing myself and my life to others

Put myself first every so often rather than running myself into the ground for others constantly

Drink more water

These are more just ways of living rather than specific goals so

Things to Achieve

Lose a few more inches off my legs and waist

Travel back to Copenhagen

Reach 40 followers on my blog

Complete my book list for 2018

Travel to somewhere different (wishful thinking so somewhere like Japan or New York kind of different)

I’m sure as the year goes on more things will be added to this list but for now I am going to keep an open mind and hopefully just become a more positive relaxed individual as the year goes on ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thanks guys


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