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As it is Sunday over the past few weeks especially I have decided to use Sundays as my laziest day of the week,

I have always been a person that feels sleeping in is a waste of a day or that stopping to relax and read a book or have a bath or watch TV should be kept to a minimum because a weekend should be used to do things and see people and keep busy.

But this just isn’t true. Or not entirely. There is nothing wrong with after finishing work for the week that you have made plans with some friends to go out for drinks or go out for dinner with your other half or whatever else takes your fancy. However there is also nothing wrong with doing absolutely nothing and having the time to yourself.

I have for as long as I can remember put myself out for other people and agree to do things when if I was completely honest I didn’t really want to do. As a teenager I loved being surrounded by people and never wanted to be in my house speaking to my parents or alone with my own thoughts. I think that’s pretty normal for being a teenager. Even to a certain point in my early 20’s (20, 21 and even 22) I also loved having plans. I loved filling my diary with plans to see people and do fun things because why would I want to slow down and not take every opportunity to see people?

The bad side to this was that I would normally work myself into the ground, never wanting to cancel a plan or let anyone down. This lead to me staying out later than I really wanted to, forcing myself to be social and upbeat over dinner when I was daydreaming about lying in bed doing nothing. This came to a head in late 2016 when I ended up not wanting to do anything with anyone. The only person I felt 100% secure around was my mum because when I was with anyone else I felt this immense pressure to have the best possible time to prove to myself I still cared about my boyfriend, my friends and even other family members. This of course is ridiculous but the pressure felt too much and often meant that I would just avoid the situation altogether and stay in my room.

As I have gotten older (now at 24) I can be totally honest and say that if I had always been honest with myself I am a bit of a loner and I am perfectly happy in my own company. When on holiday I look forward to sleeping back in my own bed and being able to take over the entire bed, when out with friends I enjoy my time with them but I am also very happy to get back home and put my feet up with a book and cup of tea.

Now what is my point after this long winded post? Just stop. Appreciate the things around you and enjoy the simple things. Stop by relaxing in the house all day or stop by going into nature and enjoying the beauty around you.

IMG_3966If you are a social butterfly then go for it and do what makes you happy but at least give yourself some time to sit still every day and recharge. If you are more of a loner like me find your balance. Often I make plans with the best of intentions and when the plan comes round I end up wanting to stay in because I can’t be bothered anymore. Just remember that you will enjoy yourself at the time but there’s also nothing wrong with enjoying time to yourself and being just as happy to get home after a dinner or trip to the cinema or whatever it ends up being.

Today I have decided to be completely “selfish” and take today for just me. This means my phone gets left in my room somewhere on silent so that I don’t feel pressure to keep in contact with so many people throughout a day. Let’s be honest how did people maintain relationships and friendships back in the day? They certainly didn’t need to be in constant contact! I have had a hot bubble bath with a lovely bath bomb I got at Christmas and have every intention of losing myself in a book for the rest of the day.

To me this gives me the best chance at a good week ahead by allowing myself to slow down. I had a busy Saturday and feel I deserve a Sunday to myself. The good thing for me is that those closest to me understand my need to have time to myself. I believe I enjoy time to myself more than most people and perhaps have more time to myself than a lot of people but this works for me – at least for now.

Long story short – take time for yourself and slow down when you need to. Everyone needs a break and I believe that having this time to myself in the long run will make me a better more understanding daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend.

Thanks guys


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