Dear Diary – 13th January 2018

For a bit more fun I thought I would start doing diary style entries every so often to have a personal feeling that involve specific memories from a day. For days and memories that maybe couldn’t have a post alone. Hmmm we’ll see how this goes, I can’t see me doing this religiously but just as something different to try.

So today started great with my first park run of the year done. Not only that but I managed to get my new personal best (after a month off!)

32 mins and 44 seconds – Not the best time but went I started running this 5k on and off back around September time my first time was 35 mins and 59 seconds so definitely an improvement and this gives me a real goal to strive for this year. Hopefully I will get my time below 30 minutes.

After a good run I of course ruined it with a breakfast date which resulted in pancakes but they cancel each other right???

My legs starting seizing up just a bit by the time I got home so perfect excuse to have a hot bubble bath and try out another one of the great bath bombs I got for Christmas. Best decision ever! Such a great, relaxing bath that helped me get ready for the late New Year’s party I was going to at my sister in law’s parents’ house.

Wow it was a long night! It was such great fun and another opportunity for me to see my little niece but by the time we left at close to 1 in the morning I was ready for my bed. Upside for me is that because the house was busy with a lot of people it meant that my niece wanted more cuddles from me – never going to complain about that. No better feeling for me than when she reaches out her hands to me for a cuddle

Had a quiz after being separated into teams where we listened to music from tv programmes and movies and had to guess what they were followed by possibly the hardest quiz of the night which involved songs from the 1990’s and early 2000’s but we only got to listen to a few seconds of each one after the other but they were done by Michael Constantino over on Youtube. He is amazing but if you are doing this as a quiz you will be shouting at yourself saying that you know the song but you just cannot place it. But definitely check him out if you fancy the challenge.

Safe to say the quizzes were a bit loud and my team didn’t do very well but I still managed to get a prize as part of the raffle they had as well. How cute is this?

It ended with a round of Mr and Mrs for the couples that were there and I thought the quiz was hostile. Mr and Mrs was like a minefield with one couple moaning at each other for a good while about saying the wrong answer. Somehow my mum and dad were the 2018 champions after only getting one question wrong overall.

Thanks guys


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