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Blue January

Well apparently today is officially the most depressing day of the year. Of course pretty much everyone knows about this but how many people are willing to change it?

First why is it Blue Monday? This could be different for everyone but in general it is most likely down to.

It’s a Monday – Monday is the most hated day of the week (although I personally dislike Tuesdays more) meaning that it is definitely the back to work slump for almost everyone. Everyone that had a lovely long break over Christmas and New year will now most definitely be back to the daily grind. Some of us have been back for a week or two since I’ve been back since 3rd but I think this is when the reality of the situation sinks it, when people begin to realise that it really is back to reality with them eagerly awaiting a weekend that goes in far too quickly!

Christmas is Over – On top of this as mentioned briefly it becomes a time when everyone faces the reality of the most wonderful time of year being over. After such a long build up to the event the day passes quickly but now even the extended aftermath has ended. I didn’t start to feel like I was back to work until last Monday when I was back for my first full week in about 3 weeks but add another week onto that and it no longer feels like an abnormality.

Winter – It’s still cold and dark which I’m sure a lot of us are now quite done with seeing as Christmas is over. I don’t want snow or darkness in January, I only want it in the build up to Christmas because it’s exciting, otherwise it’s an inconvience and something we could really do without.

Bills – All those wonderful Christmas presents you bought and nights out with friends are coming back to haunt you now as you will most likely be getting those bills through about now. So suddenly you’re skint with not much to long forward to.

Building on from that last point, I don’t know about everyone else but this tends to be hen I look at holidays to book to give me something to look forward and countdown to. Only problem is all those bills are coming out now meaning you have even less money to put towards a holiday for now.

Resolutions Collapse – New Year resolutions go out the window. Everyone starts the year with the best of intentions but normally every day life comes rushing back round and makes it hard to keep up those good habits you started and people lose motivation because well they just can’t be bothered. I have yet to achieve my resolutions for this year but I know these goals are long term and cannot be sorted with a quick fix. However some people expect themselves to achieve miracles and lose motivation when this doesn’t happen.

So there we go, tons of reasons for feeling blue this particular day, but how do we stop this from becoming a blue week?

Everyone has good days and bad days and that is completely fine the problem starts when a bad 10 minutes turns into a bad day, or when a bad day turns into a bad week  . For now we are already about half way through the saddest day of the year but there is still time to turn it around to make it at least a not so bad Monday or a beige Monday rather than blue.

Holidays Will Happen – Those holidays you are desperate to book can still happen, just make it through to next month before you book anything. Sounds awful right? But give yourself a specific day next month where you are going to book a holiday. If it’s with friends arrange to meet for dinner and discuss things over the next few weeks and then arrange your day for booking it. Make this an event in itself.

Work to Live – Is work really that bad? For some people it might be but if it’s just something you’d rather not do try focusing on the positives this gives you instead! This job will let me go on holiday or will let me meet up with the girls for drinks. Keep it even more simple than that. This job allows me to have that cosy bed every night and let’s me go home to a warm house where that big plate of pasta will be waiting for me. Or use this as real motivation to get yourself a new job. Nobody should dread work and if you are then use today as the push to do something about it.

Calm Down – Give yourself a break when it comes to your resolutions. If you have already tripped up then view it as just that. You haven’t failed, you only fail if you give up. If you want to lose weight give yourself realistic goals to reach at the end of each month. I haven’t given myself specific goals as far a my running goes but I reached a new PB for a 5k on Saturday just by turning up nearly every week to do it. Nothing happens overnight.

A Simple Life is a Happy Life – Do simple things to make yourself happy every day. Don’t leave these things for days when you feel down, do them every day you get a chance to. Reading makes me happy so I read every day. This means that I read when I’ve had a good day so this adds to the positive vibe but I also read on bad days to make them more neutral. Simple things could be having a hot bath, painting your nails, going for a walk, eating that meal you’ve been wanting all day or watching your favourite show on TV. Considering I’m known to have a Disney film I have seen a hundred times on in the background when I’m in my room doing other things, sometimes the silliest things can make things better.

I remember reading something somewhere that said “was it a bad day or a bad 10 minutes you milked for the rest of the day?”

Never seen anything more accurate for me! I decide the rest of my day is going to be bad before it even reaches 10am, that will not help things. Did you wake up late today and hear that it’s the most depressing day and think “well that just proves it”. If you woke up late or got stuck in traffic or spilled something at lunch then keep it in perspective. A bad moment not a bad day.

I can believe Blue January is real but it doesn’t have to be. Or at least it doesn’t have to be as bad as people make out. Do simple things today, tomorrow and every day that makes you happy and hopefully that means the blue days will be kept to a minimum.

Thanks guys


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