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Thoughts on Meditation

After reading a few articles and a book with a bit of focus on meditation and ultimately relaxing yourself I thought I would try out a bit of meditation.

I went for the headspace app that a few friends and family have recommended as from what I heard about it, it seemed easy to follow and understand without feeling like I was somehow doing it wrong.

After Day 1 – I have to say in general I have been more relaxed in general today before I tried it out however I am so glad I tried it. There was nothing groundbreaking but I found it really nice to have a designated time in my day for the purpose of relaxing and calming my mind which is prone to a lot of over thinking at 100 miles an hour! Normally I don’t like to focus on my breathing because I worry it throws my breathing off but as the focus was a simple 3 seconds in and 3 seconds out I felt a lot more relaxed and able to focus on breathing rather than my thoughts.

After Day 2 – I was quite bad an due to a busy Saturday ended up leaving my day 2 until Sunday instead. I woke up this morning and went to the app first thing as they suggest doing it at the same time every day. I think first thing in the morning will be best for me as it will hopefully set up a more relaxed attitude for the rest of my day. I noticed when this app is on it actually silences your phone, meaning I didn’t get my texts or messages through until after I finished with it. This is great for me because even when I read I prefer to have my phone on silent away from me to focus on what I am doing.

After Day 3 – Ok today was a bit tougher due to it being a Monday morning where I personally already cannot be bothered with doing anything even slightly productive. So ensuring that I done this after I woke up today took some convincing but the important thing is I did it! To be honest I didn’t feel any great difference today but I have heard throughout these 3 days that it is completely normal for it to take a while to feel a difference. Similar to yesterday I simply enjoyed the designated time to only focus on my breathing and the sounds around me.

After Day 4 – This is starting to become my norm after only 4 days! I go into now knowing roughly where the guy is going to guide me and I have to say that in itself is a relaxing thing for me who tends to want to control every single aspect of life! Each day I feel I appreciate the fact that I have a designated time as small as it is for now that is dedicated to being calm and in the moment.

After Day 5 – I must becoming a calmer person because I actually found myself doing my own thing during today’s meditation. I followed the instructions up to closing my eyes and other than that I focused on my breathing throughout. Not even sure my mind wandered today so hopefully my over active mind is learning to let go a bit. As I am halfway through the 10 day starter pack I will also mention my mum has said she has noticed a difference in me too. Nothing too drastic of course as we are only at the start of a long journey but this was a helpful little boost for me to continue forward!

After Day 6 – I have to say today my body felt heavy and tired this morning during my meditation time. During these guided meditations they talk about feeling the weight of your body on the floor or chair where you’re sitting as a way to ground yourself to the present and help focus your mind on that and your breathing. They mention taking note of how your body feels and today I didn’t feel as light as I had in previous days. This might be due to exercise I have done recently because my muscles definitely feel sore, or due to my struggles with sleeping over the week. Honestly I feel this is a great thing to become aware of particularly in the morning, I felt a bit lighter by the end but it has allowed me to consider my lifestyle a bit more, meaning I should maybe attempt to get more sleep tonight!

After Day 7 – I have managed an entire week now doing some meditation and I think it’s having a positive impact on me. As stated in the meditations this is not something that will happen overnight and takes a lot of practice to really feel the benefits but I definitely think I feel calmer in the mornings now. Pretty sure I completely zoned out at one point today while the guy was talking so that’s progress right?

After Day 8 – Not sure I felt much difference today but then maybe I am just more relaxed overall. There was a focus today on how you felt emotionally because often we are too busy doing things to stop and ask ourselves that. When forced to question this I can say my answer was positive. I wouldn’t say I’m majorly happy but I realised my mind wasn’t racing as it once had.

After Day 9 – Have to say today wasn’t the best day for my meditation. After an unbelievably busy day yesterday and not getting back until close to 1 in the morning and then nearly seeing every other hour of the clock I was not in the best mood anyway. I didn’t really focus on anything that was said during it, however I still feel there is an overall benefit to it because it still allowed me that moment of stillness.

After Day 10 – I was not in the right mood for starting this today. Typical Monday morning feeling where I felt far too tired to try and meditate believing that if I closed my eyes I would end up falling asleep on the spot. Does that count as being relaxed? Regardless I am glad I stuck to it because even though I feel I have felt better during and after sessions over the past 10 days I still feel those 3 minutes for this session this morning was exactly what I needed to quickly try and change my thinking so Monday wouldn’t start off on a negative note.

Well that is me finished with the headspace 10 day basic package. What are my thoughts on it after 10 days?

I am glad I started this journey, I have yet to decide whether or not I will stick to headspace going forward, however I definitely want to continue meditation in some form. I feel more relaxed after taking part and that is only after a few basic attempts. Imagine how much better I will feel over all after making it a real part of my routine?

I would suggest anyone that suffers from anxiety or just needs a bit of time set aside a day to relax and come to terms with your thoughts should try it out. This teaches that thoughts are normal and they will wander but often times just recognising that is enough to stop them from going crazy.

Thanks guys


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Meditation”

  1. Hi there, I’ve been using headspace too. I have found it really useful but funding time that’s quiet is the biggest problem.

    Do you find it helps you between mediations it only at the time?

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      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that struggles there.
        I don’t think I’ve thought about between sessions yet. Maybe I need to focus on stillness during the day more. Not sure…

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