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Road Trip with Friends

If you haven’t been on a  road trip with a  group of friends I suggest you do it ASAP! It doesn’t matter if it’s a short one that only lasts 2 days or a massive one around countless American states or European countries. Do it.


Road trips are a regular occurance for me or at least they were because my boyfriend loves to drive meaning he will happily drive 3 hours here or 5 hours there to go somewhere different either for a day trip, a weekend break or in fact a full blown holiday.

My favourite ones so far have been the longest lasting ones. So far I have only managed road trips up to about 8 days so I am by no means as well travelled as some but I would tell people from my experience that a week is a good starting point (of course depending on where you are going and what you are planning).

The two main road trips I have had that have been at least 7 days long have been my boyfriend’s 21st birthday road trip to France a few years ago and our road trip with friends to visit one of our friends that moved to Luxembourg 2 years ago.

The road trip to France was fun although it was a bit of a slow starter. It took us almost a day to get down to the ferry we needed and well we didn’t exactly manage well on the ferry over.

Clearly just a bit tired on the ferry 😂😂

Once we got into France it felt like a long trip just because we were desperate to get to our home for the week. Not only was the place beautiful but having the car meant we could explore a bit more of the place. We even decided to take a 10 hour round trip to Disneyland Paris simply because we could. It meant we were up at 6am and didn’t get home til about 11pm but it’s a fun story to tell and we did end up having a really good day.

The France road trip was more fun due to the weird conversations you end up having in a car after being in it for so long. These conversations wouldn’t have happened the same if we had all been on a plane. Instead we saw more things pass us by that prompted strange conversations and made the overall journey feel a lot quicker.

The “Europe” road trip that involved a group of us visiting my friend in Luxembourg has got to be one of my favourite memories, simply down to the fact that I have no idea how we arranged for 5 of us to go and visit a friend of ours in Luxembourg that involved picking up a car in Frankfurt and dropping it off in Paris, as well as getting accommodation and days agreed on for when we would actually do everything and taking one of us back to Frankfurt because he had to leave early to finish off some uni work. These same people can’t even arrange going out for dinner altogether back road trip was great because the roads we went allowed us to see more of the countries that we were only in for a short time. We took wrong turns on our routes from country to country but somehow we just laughed at it rather than panic (I am a seasoned worrier so this was a great change of pace for me). We also learned not to let one of us book hotel rooms since she booked 5 of us into a room for 4 which meant sneaking someone in and the three guys sharing a double bed between them.

Which resulted in two of them ending up like this in the morning 😂

Why are road trips so good? To me road trips give you a chance to see parts of countries that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Although some parts aren’t overly exciting it is still amazing if you find a little hidden gem somewhere on your travels.

They put you in a situation where you will no doubt have the most bizarre conversations with your friends in a car.

In my case I feel they added to my existing friendships. Everyone I have travelled with I have always been close to but I think sometimes it takes being with them in a situation where you can’t walk away to really appreciate them. If I had an argument with my friend back home I would most likely avoid them for a while to wait for the dust to settle but on holiday (particularly in a car) you can’t do that.

More fun things are likely to happen. If you go by plane to a holiday destination it can be fun. When I travelled to Portugal back in 2012 I had fun distracting my friend while we took off by playing countless games of scabby queen with him. But when you are in a car travelling for hours you’re most likely going to stop for a break every little while. When we were going from Frankfurt to Luxembourg we randomly stopped somewhere because my friend who is really into photography wanted to take scenic photos. This ended in us attempting to take real group photos that really just look funny.

Even the bad parts turn out to be funny later. Travelling from Luxembourg to Paris was a bit of a tense affair for all of us in the car because well parking near to where our air bnb was a complete nightmare and the drivers in Paris are pretty scary if you’re not used to it. After a screaming match between the 4 of us we managed to get parked but now when we talk about it we laugh just like we laugh that our air bnb was like a freezer with a photo of us all bundled together in jackets and covers to prove it. We can laugh about it now!

Road trips for me create a different kind of holiday to one where you get yourself on a plane get to the destination and that’s it. It leaves you open to more experiences and allows you to see more of the world. I could have flow to Luxembourg to visit my friend and then flown home after a few days but I feel that would have made the holiday feel rushed whereas instead by driving not only did my friend have more time to prepare for us coming over but we also had funnier stories from the off to tell her about. Plus I would never have thought that within one week I would manage to visit 3 different places!





If the opportunity comes up pack up the car with a few friends and see where your end up. It will become a fun adventure.

Thanks guys


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