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Letter to Me – Please Open 2019

Saw this idea on Planet Simon’s blog and absolutely loved it so make sure to check his out!. I have in the past written myself letters to open in a number of years but normally they have been notes on what my life is like right now with some odd plans and wishes for the future with a date marked around 5 years in the future. This letter however gives me a chance to be more specific with what I would like to achieve in the coming year and what I want myself to remember in the future.


Dear Future Me

I hope you’re well and have learned how to give yourself a break by now and feel less guilty for taking time to yourself.

Right now we are still in the middle of January meaning the new year has barely begun so we haven’t really thought much further than the weekend, which believe me you are already desperate for! You don’t even have anything planned, as I’m sure you can guess you just want to sleep in late and read your kindle until Monday comes round again.

You have been given your start date for your new job so 12th February is burning in your mind but you have yet to agree a leaving date with your current work since they were expecting you to be starting this month. Never mind I’m sure you can’t even remember this where you are now. Either way I hope we settled in fine considering how much we hate change and we’re enjoying the place after now being there for close enough to a year.

Please tell me we also managed to have a night out with our old work family from back in our Starbucks days because I know you miss the full team being together!

I hope you have continued with the meditation we started because I genuinely believe it is going to make all the difference to our way of thinking. Speaking of which I hope we have started living life with a more positive outlook and have learned how to live in the moment more.

We have yet to sort out our return trip to Copenhagen to see Kieran so hopefully we managed to sort something out and get everyone else to make it there with us too. Speaking of which he should have came back to Scotland in the summer so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were yet to see him again considering how much he likes to travel.

Japan better still be at the top of your travel list and I can only hope we have something booked in the coming months of 2019. I’ll see if I can get us there!

Give Amelia a massive auntie hug from me and I hope she is still willing to give them because I’m sure you can remember the attitude she already has now.

Assuming everything goes to plan I will see you in 2019 as a happier, more positive person with great adventures ahead.

Love Jennifer

P.S I’m sure turning 25 wasn’t as bad as we are imagining it right now.

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