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Why I Now Love Having a Big Brother

Today is my big brother’s birthday and keeping that in mind I thought I’d write about how I’ve grown to realise having a big brother or just siblings in general is one of the best things to have in life.

My brother has turned 29 today and that only slightly freaks me out, although I’m sure the idea of him turning 30 next year freaks him out more.

It has to be said that I was an awful little sister when we were growing up. I would be deliberately twisted so when we were taken to the likes of McDonald’s as a treat after the cinema or something I would want the opposite to what he did. If he wanted McDonald’s I wanted Burger King. With this I also would be twisted in that if I wasn’t watching TV but he was I would suddenly want my tv shows on.

To start with he was the caring big brother that would let me have my own way, given the 4 and a half year gap, but once I got to the age of 7 he would start standing his ground and I would never take no for an answer! This of course would result in a lot of fights, name calling and arguing. Safe to say from about the age of 7 to maybe about 13 we really didn’t get on.

Our family holidays were the only time we would get on because we couldn’t speak to our parents could we?


Now I couldn’t be more grateful for having him around, despite how much he still annoys me. He still comes to visit and eats all my food out the fridge or changes the channel even though I was watching something.

My friends who only had sisters would always say it must be great having a big brother because they would be so protective and I never understood that but more because there was never really a situation where my brother would have to be. He seems more protective now that we’re both older and even more so since he had his own daughter.

Having a sibling is one of the best things (after childhood is over). Nobody else understand your parents like they do and without even trying you have tons of inside jokes. Most of our conversations will involve our own inside jokes or movie quotes, to the disdain of others around us. Apparently we’re too similar.

As a younger sibling it’s great to have that person that is there all the time that has done pretty much everything before you. There is always someone there to ask for advice and reassure you that you’re not the only person that has no idea what they’re doing in life. I’m thankful he’s there to get me through the times where I feel like I’m doing everything wrong, so he can sit me down and tell me that nobody my age has a clue and even some of his friends that are in their 30’s don’t have a clue. He’s actually sometimes better to talk to because when my mum says it a lot of the time I think “well you have to say that you’re my mum”, while really my brother doesn’t, he can be brutally honest because that’s what siblings do.

He’s pushed me to achieve more and has given me my fierce competitiveness. This can sometimes be my downfall but I am always looking to one up him if I’m honest. When we used to race on Mario Kart or whatever there was also a great sense of accomplishment when I finally managed to beat him because he would never ever let me win.


He continues to let me believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to while always occasionally giving me a reality check in the way only a big brother can. Thanks to him I have also gained a sister-in-law and niece that I could not be more thankful to have as part of my family. Also well done to the two of you for putting up with him 24/7! Thankfully I haven’t had to do that since I was 20.

Thank you to all the older siblings out there for being the test crash dummies for our parents but continuing to be one of the biggest supporters in our lives. Being a younger sibling isn’t always easy but you all manage to make it fun at times.

Good luck to my big brother as he gets one year closer to 30, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt but as always you can try it out first and let me know. Also thank you for being the bad influence you were as I reached 18, I am never letting you do the measurements for drinks again!


Thanks guys


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