Favourite Disney Movies

I got asked this question by my mum over the weekend while we were watching Aladdin on TV and I actually found it a tougher question than I originally thought it was. So what are my top 5 Disney movies?


5. Mulan – I always find it tough picking between a lot of Disney movies because they are probably all on par with each other and it just depends on what I watched recently. I watched Mulan recently and forgot how much I love the music, seriously you can’t sit still during “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”. I also love Mushu as a sidekick because he doesn’t start out as this perfect sidekick to Mulan that is in it for her, he starts off with selfish intentions and only begins to put her first when she hits her lowest point.

4. Toy Story – This is one of the movies I find so fun to watch. The story is weird and filled with so many interesting characters. Even after watching it so many times over the years I still look forward to the funniest parts (still love the Mrs Nisbet scene). Woody and Buzz Lightyear are just the best double act going for any movie.

3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – This was a particular favourite of mine when I was about 5 and I have recently rediscovered how much I love it. According to my mum I used to say Quasimodo wasn’t ugly he was just different and now that I’m older I adore him. He is so sweet and it breaks my heart when he gets attacked at the festival. The music is amazing and “Out There” is still one of my favourites from when I was young climbing over the couches in my living room like Quasimodo climbing about Notre Dame.


2. Tangled – When I was growing up I was a major tomboy so I wasn’t really into the proper princess movies until I was older ( didn’t even see Beauty and the Beast until I was about 19) so this movie was a pleasant surprise. I loved Rapunzel as a character because she was just so sweet and innocent. Despite having an awful “mother” she still managed to stay positive and upbeat, plus she has the cutest little sidekick! The other characters were fun with real personalities and the lantern scene is absolutely beautiful.

1. The Lion King – This is one movie that I can say with absolute certainty that this will always be my favourite. Possibly not just my favourite Disney movie but my favourite movie full stop. I can’t watch this movie through without ending up in tears when Simba is walking up Pride Rock, I can’t think of a better scene! The music is amazing and still gives me goosebumps. Plus my favourite quote is from this movie when Rafiki says “the past can hurt, but they way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it”


Love to hear what your favourite Disney movies are.

Thanks guys


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