Book Review – The Girlfriend

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.\

During the time I read this I was trying to find new authors I liked or focus more on a genre I genuinely enjoy. I tend to read anything but I really want to find my favourite genre and this book covered the type of films I enjoy watching so I thought I’d give it a go.


The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances is a thriller revolving around the lives of Laura, Daniel and Cherry with the book being written through two points of view,Laura and Cherry, allowing you to see the events in a different perspective helping to understand the characters that much more.

Laura on paper has the perfect life with a great job, a long marriage and a handsome son Daniel that any mother would be proud to have. Daniel then meets Cherry who had led a very different life to Laura and her family but she desperately wants that life. Going from the ideal future daughter-in-law to daughter-in-law from hell, Cherry makes Laura’s life miserable, is she taking Laura’s beloved son from her for good? After a serious accident a significant lie is told that changes lives forever. 

What I loved was how invested I became in the story, I got annoyed with characters, tired of them and ended up almost hating ones. I hated things they done and found myself almost screaming at the book desperate for the other characters to find out about the manipulative actions of the others.

“The Girlfriend” Cherry I absolutely hated! She was a girl that I would hate to come across in real life. She has a chip in her shoulder regarding where she has come from and therefore is desperate for a rich husband and the lifestyle that comes with it at any cost, in this case being his mother. I got angry at this selfish character having no regard for the relationship her boyfriend has with his mother and seeing it as an obstacle or threat to her perceived perfect life.

She feels threatened by the mother because she is worried that the mother will see right through her and be able to make a mess of her plans. Now the mother is of course very protective of her son and ends up telling an awful lie out of desperation which the girlfriend finds out about. The girlfriend then vows revenge and this is when the real suspense that I loved so much really started.

Don’t get me wrong Laura wasn’t always the best character but I really did feel for her as her life started to fall apart because of course as the reader you know what is going on while the other characters do not.

As much as I hated Cherry, she really was a great character because of her determination and the lengths she would go to in order to get what she wants. The friction between her and Laura was very fun to read and I often found myself anxiously waiting to see who would come out on top.

Overall I really enjoyed this book because of the amount of suspense. I found myself waiting for things to unravel and this kept me on my toes to the point that I struggled to put the book down. Some of the characters I found annoying but I think their weaknesses added to the story and kept the stakes high, particularly for Laura.

Rating 4/5

Thanks guys


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