Hello February

Well we made it everyone, we made it through the first month of 2018!

Just like January I am not that big a fan of February, by this point I’m normally desperate for spring weather to hurry up.

However just like every other month there are things to look forward to and things to appreciate.

desktop-background-3061483_1920Valentines Day hits the shops as soon as Christmas is over with cuddly toys, massive boxes of chocolates and loads of reds and pinks pretty much everywhere. Valentines Day has never been my thing and too often on the actual day I am shocked to see how much people are willing to spend only 2 months after Christmas! I got a great present for Christmas from my boyfriend but even if I didn’t I would never be ok with him buying me an expensive watch or shoes or all the other things I see flashed about on Facebook and Instagram. I suppose everyone is different and many people like to use it as an excuse to spoil their other half but I would tone it down a bit. I use Valentines Day as an excuse to go for dinner or out somewhere regardless of what day it hits. This year I get to have a rare midweek dinner date – that never happens I’m normally in a gym class.

It’s normally around February I start to accept the New Year so I am a bit more used to referring to this year as 2018. Although I might still write a date as if it’s 2017. I always prefer it when we get a bit more into the year because it means life is back to normal unlike around the holiday season where everything is all over the place.

This tends to be when I get into serious holidays talks and planning as well with my last two main holidays being booked in February. There has already been some chat about going back to Copenhagen for a weekend and me desperately wanting to get to Japan but February seems to be when everyone starts to properly consider it and put things in motion. Fingers crossed this February is the same as the last few!

As an added little bonus for this February I am going to see the Script on 16th February! Went to see them a couple of years ago (also in February) and they were amazing so back to see them which involves a nice cosy hotel for after the show and a trip to one of my favourite breakfast places in Glasgow the following morning. This means I’m going to have so many pancakes!

What does February mean to you?

Thanks guys


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