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Who thought going to see a Disney movie was a good idea? Pretty much ended in tears, well mainly for one of us but I could feel my heartstrings getting pulled at.

I can’t believe how colourful it was! I know that’s a pretty silly thing to be impressed with but I absolutely loved all the colours in it. All the reds and oranges and yellows were so lovely and considering that I saw this in the freezing cold temperatures of February it’s nice to have warmer colours everywhere.

I always think it’s incredible when somewhere like Disney, Pixar or even Dreamworks manage to make a movie that you can genuinely enjoy as an adult. Everyone has a favourite Disney movie but it normally stems from childhood and nostalgia plays a massive part in how much you love it as you get older. I will always love Lion King but I have no idea how much I’d love it if I didn’t see it until I was 24.

COCO-LOGO-1B-FINAL-COLOR-on-BK-5-23-16The story was so sweet and although I could probably have guessed the ending it didn’t take away from the magic of it and the story itself. There were many parts that I was surprised it and my best friend who I saw it with could be heard gasping at certain points too, so clearly the story was a good one. You tend to know that with Disney you will be guaranteed a happy ending of some description, there is that comforting predictability within Disney movies but that didn’t make the story boring to watch because I still found myself engrossed an wishing for certain things to happen.

The characters were interesting and even the supporting roles had a lot of personality. Miguel the main character is sweet and truly passionate about music. As a child he is quick to jump to conclusions and this drives the story as it gets him in trouble more than once but he continues to be a heartwarming character.

Obviously seeing it as an adult gives you a different perspective and as much as I’m sure the kids in the cinema were loving the bright colours and the cool skeleton characters, as an adult you can appreciate the deeper meanings of things but without feeling like you are being preached to. This movie concentrated a lot on the importance of family but it wasn’t done in a pushy way where you felt the message was shoved down your throat. It was a truly heartwarming little story.

Considering that this was based on a subject that I would find quite morbid since I never grew up learning about the Day of the Dead I think Disney done a good job in keeping it lighthearted and fun. Now of course I have extremely limited knowledge about the traditions involved in this so as an outsider I feel this informed me about the basics of it. Again, this was done in a fun way and to be honest it has made me more interested in finding out more about it – that can only be a good thing right?

It is by no means my favourite but I could happily watch it again and it will be getting added to my list of movies to go through with my niece as she gets older.

Thanks guys



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