Diary, Real Life

Dear Diary – 11th February 2018

Well today I am using this to keep myself calm and throw all my thoughts out there as I become increasingly more nervous about starting my new job tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong I am excited too which tells me it was the right choice since normally whenever I have started a new job I’ve only ever been nervous I’ve never looked forward to it. I am just not good with change at all.


Now this job is by no means my dream job but I am going to look at it as foot in the door and stepping stone towards the job I do want (which I am still no clearer on). It is going to pay for my holidays I want to go and lead to me moving out (one day) and not one day soon either. I am nowhere near ready to fend for myself, even at 24.

Thankfully I have learnt from past experience that no situation is ever as bad as it seems and if I can get through my first day I’ll be fine. Plus the first week is basically going to be introduction stuff where I need to sign forms and get shown about and shadow people doing the job. I’ll be fine, it’s fine.

Plus my mum works in a different department so I won’t exactly see her but we’re going to carpool and she’s mentioned meeting me for lunch on a Friday or something, so until I feel comfortable in my job and with my new team that’s a bonus.

The only thing making me nervous for tomorrow is the fact that the first two days are induction days taking place in Edinburgh from 08:45 to 16:00 and the place they are supposed to take place is a pretty awkward place to get to. It’s only two days though and at least it will keep my first week interesting!

Now of course there is more to life than work so I will continue to keep myself positive by saying that at least I had a great weekend which involved a night out for a friend’s birthday but I also got to go to a football match (soccer for any americans reading) in Glasgow with the family. This has only been my second proper football match in my 24 years with my first ever one being last March with my dad and brother. I have to say there is such a great atmosphere even if your team is losing.

So life isn’t that bad is it? If I can just make it through my first week of work then the difficult part will be over! A return trip to Copenhagen has been booked so I have a long weekend to look forward to at the start of March, meaning I only have to get through 3 weeks of work before a quick holiday.

Have a great week everyone!

Thanks guys


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