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Holiday Flashback – Rome

January and February seem to be that time where everyone desperately wants to book holidays and that is normally try for me considering most of my holidays over the past few years have been booked in either of these months. A particular favourite of mine was booked almost exactly two years ago and this is probably one of the first places besides Florida where I would want to go back to.

With holidays I normally try to find new places to go every time unless there is a specific reason for it. Like a return trip to Copenhagen is fine because a friend lives there, just like a return trip to Luxembourg is something I would also be totally up for. However I genuinely loved Rome! It has made me consider even more city break type holidays but if anyone is thinking of visiting Rome then do it!

I would recommend missing out June if you can because the heat is just a bit too much. I came back with an amazing tan but my boyfriend’s neck was a bit worse for wear when we got back from our day out at the colosseum and his neck was bright red (which was apparently my fault because he asked me earlier if it looked red and I said it looked fine).

In my defence, at the time it looked fine but I would steer clear of the hottest months if possible. My mum and dad went in September last year and the weather was much more manageable.

I loved the colosseum! It was fun to finally walk around the place that we learned about in school. Walking out into the centre of it is so cool, you can just imagine what it would have been like back then. I think you could either go in and about the colosseum with a guide or without one. We had a guide (that my boyfriend hated) and she had a lot of interesting information but I found myself tuning her out once we were in the main part of it because I simply lost myself in the grandness of it even with parts of it falling apart.


Also if you are going to do any tours make sure you bring plenty of water, if you’re lucky they will have their little fountains going while you’re there so you can refill any water bottles you have as you walk about.

Obviously you can’t go to Rome without eating pizza or pasta! Honestly I don’t even think this should be in question and it might be some sort of placebo affect but I genuinely had the best pizza I have ever had in Rome (and I eat a lot of Pizza). Not only that but it is great for if you are trying to manage your money a little. Like any main city location there will be places that are expensive. We found places that you were getting starters for 30 odd euros! That is when pizza and pasta are the best because during our lunch break between our trip to the Colosseum and the Vatican we each got a pizza for only about 7€ each and that more than filled us up.

Speaking of food you also need to try gelato when you go there. For someone who isn’t the biggest ice cream fan, I absolutely loved this stuff and it helps you keep cool in the sunshine. The most popular flavour from what I heard was a chocolate and hazelnut mix so it was basically like Nutella but somehow so much better!

The Vatican is also amazing but make sure you wear appropriate clothing otherwise you’ll get turned away or have to wear some weird kind of poncho to cover your knees and shoulders. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate how beautiful the place is but I would definitely recommend getting a guided tour otherwise you will wander about having no idea about the stories behind so much of it. Now obviously I don’t have pictures form inside the Sistine Chapel (please don’t take pictures while in there) but look at the ceiling on the lead up to the place. That is all painted!


I had a bit of a soft spot for the Trevi Fountain, it was actually the main thing I wanted to see. Surprisingly it’s quite easy to miss if you make the wrong turn because it’s just kind of there, there’s no clear build up to it at all. As a child of the 90’s and early 2000’s I had a bit of a Lizzie McGuire moment when I threw my money into the fountain.


If the chance comes up for you to visit Rome I would say do it! These cold months make me desperate to return even in the extreme heat of June where I think I sweated out most of my bodyweight. Walk into the main part of the Colosseum and pretend in your head you’re a gladiator. Throw money into the fountain and make a wish….they say if you do it once you’re meant to return to Rome at some point and I hope this is true because I’d love to go back.


Thanks guys



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