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Happy Place

What is everyone’s happy place?

I think everyone has their own specific happy place that is down to who you are and your experiences which is why I find this so fascinating. Some people will say it’s their bedroom, or by the sea, or wherever they are with their loved ones.

What is a happy place? To me a happy place is that safe place you can go to when you need cheered up or to relax or just to be because it is your favourite place. It is somewhere you can turn off and be yourself even when life is crazy or not going the way you want it to.

Now I’m going to say I have two happy places. One I can always get to and the other is one that whenever I make it there I instantly feel calm and relaxed.

My second happy place is and always will be Disney World. I know shocker right? Didn’t think so, it is an obvious choice but it’s one that is so true for me. This became clear the last time we went back in 2014 for me turning 21. I was always excited to go but as it got closerI started to panic about missing 2 weeks of uni during my final year. What if I missed something important? What if missing 2 weeks put me so far behind I would never finish my dissertation? Dramatic, of course, but this is what was going through my mind even on the plane over to Florida.

Then as soon as we were settled in the villa and I dipped my feet in the pool all of those worries were just gone. Every single time I walk into any Disney park I feel weirdly at home. I feel relaxed and my own thoughts involve what ride to go on and how excited I am to be here. Suddenly even queuing for a while for rides doesn’t bother me, I am just content in life in that moment. Seriously how can anything be wrong in life when you’re standing in front of the castle with the fireworks going off behind it?

Unfortunately I can’t go to Disney World whenever I feel down or fed up so I do have another happy place that I can use whenever I want. Probably the most obvious place but it has to be my bedroom. The first place I go after a long day at work is my room where I relax in my bed which normally results in me putting Netflix on or losing myself in a book. It’s incredible how quickly you can relax when you are in that happy place which is why I think everyone should find their own no matter where it is.

Anyone that has been in my room would most likely say it is very obvious it’s my room. One of my best friends said they loved it because it was so personal compared to theirs. Yes I have tons of photos about my room as well as special keepsakes, put it is this way the BAU in Criminal Minds would find it very easy to work out what type of person I am. I think this adds to my feeling of security in my room because I am then surrounded by happy memories and reminders of what I have achieved and the good people I have in my life.

No matter where your happy place is make sure you enjoy it and don’t be ashamed to use it whenever you need. So many times I give myself a hard time for sometimes almost locking myself away in my room but honestly sometimes it’s needed. Life is amazing and beautiful but it can also be overwhelming so if your happy place helps you through a difficult day then use it as much as you need it!

Thanks guys


4 thoughts on “Happy Place”

  1. My happy place is the mountains! I love the smell of nature and birds chirping its my one peaceful and calming place. I don’t live anywhere near mountains so I have to make it a priority to visit parts of states that have National Parks for me to hike. ๐Ÿ™‚ My fave is Tennessee, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg to be exact….love it there!!

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