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Survived My First Week

Well I made it! I survived my first week of my new job and that is with this week being so up and down with training days and inductions. Finally a new week can begin that puts me back into a routine (which trust me I need). Not only was this my first week in a new job but pretty sure I was suffering from food poisoning last weekend so as you can imagine this week has been a bit all over the place.

pexels-photo-296115.jpegNow most people will know how weird a first week can be. Waiting about for a lot of your details, getting access to computers or getting passkeys can all take a bit of time. I didn’t actually get my login details until Friday so this week coming is going to be a lot more interesting as I really get stuck into my job.

Monday and Tuesday were spent in Edinburgh going through a compulsory induction programme that was designed for anyone joining the business no matter what job they were in so it was pretty generic but at least helped break up my week a bit more. I got to listen to a few people give mini lectures on certain aspects of the business with a lot of emphasis placed on making sure employees feel secure at work. Knowing where to go when there is an issue and letting us all know that our happiness is actually one of their top priorities.

It’s funny because the woman that gave us this talk was originally from Nigeria and her enthusiasm for her job just seemed to ooze out of her. It’s amazing how much of a difference that can make, particularly when talking about something that nowadays is actually a bit of a minefield. All employers are responsible for their employees’ wellbeing but how many of them are able to stick to their word and go through the appropriate policies when you can’t tell a genuine case from a chancer.

Throughout my working life I have met hard workers and lazy people that expect everything without giving anything. Now I am not going to say who I work for but I will say that they offer a lot when it comes to benefits and training which I think is a major plus for me. However there are people out there that just expect everything to be handed to them and therefore take advantage and ruin it for the majority.

This woman that gave this talk to us was only positive and I hope her positivity and enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone else in that room to ensure that each of us felt secure in our workplace but were also reminded that many of the things offered in this workplace are a benefit that you won’t get everywhere else.

Workplaces nowadays clearly work hard to ensure employees feel good at work and I hope all of you reading this feel the same way about your job as I do about mine. If your job isn’t going the way you want it and it’s affecting you badly remember the simple truth that it is just a job! Nothing in life that makes you so unhappy is worth it in the long run and I feel I finally have found a job that I can get everything I want out of it.

I got to meet my team on Wednesday and this thankfully included another new start. WE will both be working in the same job which takes the pressure off me a bit because I am not totally alone. There really is something reassuring about not being the only “new kid” isn’t there? So far my team seem lovely and eager to make me feel at home so here is hoping my positivity about my job continues.

It’s a little thing but I finally have my own desk after doing loads of temp jobs the past couple of years. I already have plans for how to make it my own. I have already started sorting out all the snacks and back up lunches I can keep in my drawer because you know priorities! I’m going to have a little calendar and maybe a photo or two. I know it’s sad to get this excited about something so simple but I really am.

Just a start to my food drawer

To top off surviving my first week I also got to see the Script on Friday night in Glasgow who were just incredible. Not only did they play pretty much every song I wanted but the atmosphere was amazing. The place was completely packed and everyone was in such a good mood. They even played one of their lesser known songs that my brother played at his wedding in 2015 for us to dance to.

Yesterday I went out for breakfast before heading home from Glasgow. I managed to have pancakes which made up for me missing out on Pancake Tuesday thanks to my food poisoning from the weekend. They were so good and because they had loads of fruit on them too that technically makes them healthy right?


Anyway to the start of another week tomorrow. Let’s hope this week goes as well if not better than the one before. I am officially on the countdown to my trip to Copenhagen to visit one of my best friends so that is now only 12 days away! So excited to go back there, Copenhagen is such a beautiful place.

Have a great weeks guys and enjoy the rest of your Sunday


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