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My 2018 Holiday Plans

We’ve all been thinking about them right? First we stumble through January by looking up these wonderful sunny holidays that can take us away from the dark days following the buzz of Christmas.


Then we get into February and our newsfeeds begin to fill up with people we know announcing that they have booked holidays and beginning countdowns to the lovely sun filled countries like Greece, Mexico, Spain.

So as of right now (11th February) what are my holidays plans for the year?

Copenhagen – 2nd – 4th March – Return trip to visit a best friend before he comes back to Scotland after finishing university in September


City Break with my Best Friend -April/May – This has been something that has been spoken about for the last 2 years and for once I feel we are both in a position to finally get something sorted. (We are both thinking of a city in the sunshine so suggestions are always appreciated!)

Weeks Sunshine Holiday with Best Friends – Summer – This has been spoken about for a while but knowing how bad me and my friends can be for planning I genuinely have no idea what is going to happen with this. Hopefully whatever happens involves somewhere sunny with a lot of food.


City Break with my Mum – September – There has been some chat about my brother and dad going away for a golf week thing with my sister-in-law and her parents and my niece going with them for a log cabin nearby as a way to get my brother to be “allowed” to go haha. Only fair that my mum and I get a little holiday as well right? My mum has already suggested Barcelona which sounds good to me.

This year for once I am not overly anxious about my holidays plans with the only one being of genuine importance being the return trip to Copenhagen. Normally I try and plan all my holidays pretty far in advance but this year I have loosened up a bit and decided not to focus too much on it. Maybe a lot more shorter holidays are better than a main holiday with an odd shorter one dotted about.

As you can see there are a lot of city break type holidays for this year since they have so far been easier to manage for me in the past.

We’ll see how it goes but as of right now I definitely know Copenhagen is happening but for all I know I could end up somewhere exotic before the year is out!

Thanks guys


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