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Struggling to Sleep?

I have not always been the best sleeper, I tend to go through periods of time where I go to sleep without any issues and then other times where I find myself seeing nearly every hour of the clock and feel awful when my alarm goes off.

Trust me I much prefer those mornings where I wake up before my alarm and feel somehow refreshed, the only problem being that I do not know how to up my chances of experiencing these mornings.

Almost as if it was fate I came across a post by ♥ Live ♥ Laugh ♥ Learn ♥ about Lush’s “Sleepy” lotion and how it is meant to help with sleep. Now I had never heard of this lotion until I saw this post and so after reading it I done a little bit of research and heard a lot of good things. The price was something I was a bit unsure of just because at this point it was not long after Christmas and I wasn’t sure if I should be spending money on something I wasn’t entirely sure would work. Keeping this in mind I decided to buy the smaller size at — just to try it out and worst case scenario I would have body lotion that at the very least kept my skin soft right?

I love this stuff!

Now I have no idea if this is a placebo effect or not because it very well could be but the end result still seems to be the same.

I feel more relaxed when I’m in bed, the smell of the lotion is really nice and I find it soothing and my skin feels soft after applying the lotion too. It’s a win/win/win situation as far as I can see.


Whatever works right?

Thanks guys


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