Book Review – He Said/She Said

After this being on my read list for months and yes I mean months I am pretty sure I bought this back in August I finally got round to reading it.

For anyone like me who has a bit of an overactive imagination and sometimes struggles with sleep I would recommend reading the last half of this book during the day or if yo are going to read it at night make sure someone is there.


He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly follows the lives of a young couple Laura and Kit. During the aftermath of an eclipse back in 2000 Laura witnesses an attack on a young woman. Laura and Kit call the police and you follow them through the trial and then into the aftermath of the result. 15 years later both characters are in hiding and clearly struggling with something that began back then with Laura coming to realise can you really get the full picture in one moment. 

Personally I found this quite a difficult book to get into. Since I use my kindle for a lot of my books I can track my progress a lot better and I found I wasn’t reading as much as I normally would in one sitting but it felt like a lot of work at points. I feel the book has a bit of a slow start because you are introduced to both Laura and Kit and are given the impression Laura is suffering from some form of anxiety but I found it difficult to gauge where the story was going.

Thankfully I powered through and the story really picked up. I found myself almost gasping a few points with a few of the twists and turns that were put in. The characters can be quite interesting, in particular I enjoyed the characterisation of Beth throughout the book. To begin with you are led to believe that she is a dangerous character to be feared and yet by the end I found myself feeling genuine sympathy for her and understanding her actions much more clearly.

I found myself finding Kit much more interesting as the story continued too because to begin with I found him quite boring. As the story progressed he went from being a character purely driven by his love of eclipses to someone that has more to hide than originally thought. He becomes someone that not only has made some serious mistakes but digs himself into much more trouble than his own wife does, where the focus is to start with. I love how to start with I believed Laura had caused so much of the trouble they found themselves in and yet Kit had his own secrets as well.

The simple fact that I found myself staying up to about 1am reading because I was desperate to find out how it ended I think shows me I enjoyed it and the story once it grabbed my attention managed to hold it.

I would say the story is a bit of a slow start so I would tell anyone to push through and you may be surprised. I found some of the side characters unnecessary and although the ending kept me engrossed to the end upon further reflection the ending maybe is a bit out there.

Rating: 4/5

Thanks guys


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