Dear Diary – 2nd March 2018

Well I have to say I am not having the best day so far. My flight to Copenhagen has been cancelled thanks to the snow. After waking up this morning thinking there was actually a chance the flight would be ok I got an update about half an hour ago saying it was cancelled.


This has resulted in my group chat going absolutely crazy with trying to either get a refund or rearrange something. We have decided to reschedule for 20th April which I have mixed feelings about. I want to go to Copenhagen and visit my friend but at the same time this might just be because I am still annoyed but I almost can’t be bothered with it either. I need to sort this date with work and I have to say it’s kind of mucked up in my mind what my plans were for after Copenhagen. If you have seen my travel plans for 2018 post you’ll see that originally I wanted to sort out a city break with my best friend for either April or May so I’m going to have to try and sort that out too. I know in the grand scheme of things this is a first world problem but it really has knocked me off centre a bit.

This hasn’t really helped my anxiety or mood so been pretty upset since getting the news and this has caused me to just not be bothered with anything which isn’t exactly great. Hopefully this will pass but not feeling great at the moment.

I might lie in bed for the rest of the day with my book to cheer me up, especially since where I left off it was getting really good!

Not going to lie also kind of annoyed that I used a day of annual leave for today and not only did my flight get cancelled but almost everyone I know is not working today either. Well hopefully this means my work will be understanding when I ask for my day off in April.

On the bright side the main roads are clear enough here that a few of us have decided to go out for lunch because finally some places are open again! Better than nothing right? Since after being sent home from work on Wednesday I sort of climbing the walls. I even helped shovel snow yesterday because I was bored and felt the need for some exercise!

Stay safe out there guys for anyone suffering from this snow.

Thanks guys


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