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Things I’m Loving Right Now

Keeping in line with my positivity for 2018 goal I thought what better way to remain positive than to think about certain things I love right now?


Peanut butter – Pretty random but I am in a major peanut butter mood right now! Not overly fussed on the brand because even though the taste can vary I still enjoy having it on toast right now. The only thing is it has to be smooth! I cannot deal with crunchy.

My Disney blanket – I bought this from Primark at the start of the year and it is seriously one of the best things I ever bought! It’s perfect for when it gets cold and just makes me feel cosy. Plus the simple design is so cute and I am never going going to say no to something Disney related am I?


My kindle – I have been really trying to keep up my reading this year so I have had my kindle glued to me most days. I already loved the convenience of my kindle and now I just love it because I instantly feel relaxed whenever I have it.

Friends being on Netflix – This is a little favourite of mine right now because it’s easy to watch and recently I have been putting it on before I go to bed after reading a creepy book. I know Friends inside out and although it’s not in my top tv programmes to watch I still enjoy having it on in the background because let’s me honest we all love something familiar.

My kettlecise class – Ok this is a weird one so let me clarify. I don’t overly love my class the same as I love the feeling I have straight after it when I feel I have had a real workout  and when I see myself progress ever so slightly.

Lush “sleepy” cream – I am not always the best sleeper so thought I would give this a try. So far I feel it has helped me relax more at night and I love the smell of it! Check out my post about it here.


Daim chocolate eggs – Every easter some of my friends get excited about these coming back out. For someone that isn’t a massive Daim fan I have to say these are amazing! I did however make a big mistake by keeping a bag or two of them in my desk at work, safe to say they didn’t last long in there.

A bit random but it’s a fun way to remind myself of the smaller things in life that I can get happiness from.

Love to hear what people are loving in their lives right now!

Thanks guys


3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. I also have a major peanut butter mood right now but tbh I can’t deal with smooth, it has to be crunchy haha!!
    Also I totally agree about how great it is that Friends is on Netflix now – such a great thing to watch on the background, like when I’m doing my ironing.

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