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My Top Disney Villains

Disney princesses tend to be the most well known type of Disney character from their movies. Disney princesses stand in their own category and as a kid I loved all the good characters because they’re the good guys of course you like them, however as an adult I love the villains.

Villains tend to be so much more interesting because they aren’r good for the sake of just being good. There seems to be a massive trend right now that override the villains by making them “misunderstood” rather than evil. Heroes in Disney seem to be good for no reason, whereas all the really best villains have a reason for it. It’s not because they are misunderstood it is because they want something or they want someone to suffer. To me this is what makes them so interesting.


So who are my top villains?

Hades – I love Hades as a villain because he is almost like the bitchy best friend that everyone has had in their life. He is over dramatic and so fun to watch. It makes him seem less like a villain in the traditional sense but I think this helps with the overall mood of Hercules as a movie. This movie wouldn’t work well with an overly dark villain like Shere Khan or the Evil Witch. He is dangerous as far as doing whatever he has to do to get what he wants but he never comes across as a vicious type. He doesn’t get his ownhands dirty and tends to be a bad guy through his manipulation and blackmailing skills, rather than his force and violence.


Shere Khan –  Now he is creepy. Shere Khan, I feel, has one of the creepiest and evil entrances out of all Disney movies. He is seen stalking prey and acts just how you’d imagine a tiger to act, making him all the more dangerous. His entire demeanour is perfect for a villain and again he seems to be a very smart evil character. He has an underling in Kaa that he uses for his own benefit, while also being able to strike fear into anyone he comes across. Shere Khan is also interesting because he is a villain that is visibly shown to do evil outwith  his usual out of fear. He is scared of what Mowgli will become and so tries to get rid of him just like Scar does in the Lion King with Simba.

Jafar –  Similar to Scar, I love Jafar because he desperately wants power and will do whatever it takes to get it. He is actually shown to be quite a clever villain by manipulating the sultan. Although in the movie he is shown to fail once Aladdin smashes his staff, it has to be remembered that Jafar was able to convince the sultan that he could be trusted in a position so close to him and the sultan clearly trusted his advice. Along with Jafar I love the relationship he has with his sidekick Iago. He is also one of the villains I find funny to watch, he is sarcastic and finds himself funny too.


Scar – Maybe it’s because Lion King is my favourite movie but I can’t think of Disney villains without thinking about Scar. He is creepy and so calculated in everything he does. He isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to get what he wants and goes so far as to convince Simba he was responsible for his father’s death, that is dark! In typical evil leader form he tends to have his evil work done for him by his underlings because this allows him to keep himself away from it all to ensure nobody grows suspicious. Of course he kills Mufassa but something tells me that when it came down to it, that decision was more out of pure hatred grown over time rather than sticking to his plan, while he leaves the killing of Simba to the hyenas.

Frollo – I used to hate him as a kid because he is absolutely terrifying but now I look at him as the most evil of them all. He is one of the most relatable characters because he does what he does because he genuinely believes he in the right. This makes him more terrifying because he could be a real person. In the world today there are tons of examples of people doing bad things because they believe they are in the right. Frill not only believes he is doing the right thing but he is also all the more human because of his personal faults. Hellfire is one the best songs going because it let’s us peak into his mind and see how deeply troubled he is, but also how human he is too. He is not only evil but creepy when it comes to Esmerelda and continues to the end to try and use his power to get her to choose him.


For me the best villains are the ones that are relatable without pushing too much on the troubled and misunderstood button. Every person is created through their own decisions and experiences and the best Disney villains are ones that either believe they are in the right or fully enjoy being evil for evil’s sake. Frollo believes he is doing the right thing which makes his actions even darker. Jafar and Scar seem to enjoy doing evil things. They originally wanted power but after getting it they seemed to continue their evil ways as if they enjoyed it.

Would love to know everyone else’s favourite villains. Do you prefer the good guys or the bad guys?

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2 thoughts on “My Top Disney Villains”

  1. My favourite villain is definitely Scar, mostly for the reasons you mentioned! I also enjoy Gaston bc I think he is just hilarious haha.
    By the way, if you ever have time, there is this musical Disney parody show focused on Jafar and other Disney villains on YouTube by this group of people that call themselves Starkid. The musical is called Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier. I highly recommend it, it’s so much fun and gives a nice twist to everything. A must-watch for all Disney fans! (Haha this looks like I’m in it or something, I’m really not, I just love it so much and there are so many Disney references and Aladdin is just the funniest.)

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