Dear Diary – 9th March 2018

I can only apologise guys I have not been as present as I would have liked over the past couple of weeks. Thank god I had a few posts in reserve haha.


I have been pretty under the weather the past week and have only now managed to find time for myself to sit and properly be present again. So be prepared for notifications as I am sure I will be coming across a lot of all you guys’ posts out there and I am sure I have a lot to catch up on!

I should also give a special birthday shout out to one of my best friends that has now been living away in Luxembourg for 2 and a half years pretty much! That is insane but I am insanely proud of her for it. I could never be so brave as to move away from my family and everything I know. I would probably even miss the awful Scottish weather but I am definitely a home bird at heart.

So happy birthday beautiful I hope you have enjoyed your day! Miss our nights out from years past but at 25 I’m sure if you were still here we would have just went for food instead of drinks anyway. Think we’re getting too old for it all anyway haha.


Also have any of you ever had that moment where you suddenly realise how much you take being able to breathe through your nose for granted? Silly I know but I can honestly say I have missed having a normally functioning nose this past week thanks to this cold. Probably wasn’t my best idea to go to a fitness class with my friend on Tuesday and Wednesday night when I felt so bad but I survived. Just.

I hope everyone is sorted for Mother’s Day on Sunday, I have been pretty organised this year and have decided to take my mum for a nice afternoon tea just the two of us. It might also count as a treat for me but there is only so many times I can buy my mum candles and flowers and perfume before it becomes a bit monotonous.

Besides that I have a quiet weekend ahead to fully recover before back to the grind on Monday. But thankfully I have some annual leave left to take meaning I have a day and a half off at the end of coming week which sets me up nicely for then going to see Hairspray at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Saturday next week. Can’r wait!

Thanks guys


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