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Dear Teenagers… Be Nice to Each Other

Ah the teenage years… an awful mix of friends, exams, fallouts, bad skin and bad fashion choices put on steroids thanks to every teenagers best friend – hormones.

I will be the first to say that I did not handle my teenage years particularly well. Given that I was already an emotional person I was never going to do well when all of that was put into overdrive during both the best and worst years of your life.

I can also say I would never go back! No amount of money would make me willing to relive my teenage years, especially nowadays. I am far enough away from those young days to see teenagers now as having it much harder than I did between 2006 and 2012. Social media was still relatively new then so there wasn’t too much focus on it. iPhones hadn’t taken over the world yet meaning that thankfully there weren’t countless apps that now have to be used to make yourself look good. We were still expected to make all the wrong fashion choices and use too much eyeliner. Nowadays 14 year olds have become experts in applying make up and having nice eyebrows is a must! Anyway I digress, one thing I know that hasn’t changed is the “politics” of it all.

Boys have always seemed to do better in this department than girls considering that if boys fell out with one another then they’d argue and be pals by the end of the day. Girls, however, are bitchy, manipulative and tend to hold a grudge.

Thankfully I was never on the receiving end of bullying apart from an odd comment from one person in my class when I was 13. She would make a few comments and often try to embarrass me by asking me how many boys I had kissed etc. Little things that were bigger in my head because at 13 I was extremely sensitive, naive and believed that everyone would listen to this girl and that everyone really liked her. Turns out that nobody liked her and now that I’m older I could make a guess at the reason why she acted this way. She was probably insecure herself and needed to pick out problems with someone she knew wouldn’t fight back.


picture: notonthehighstreet

Now that is nothing compared to some horror stories I have heard and thankfully this never escalated to anything worse and never made me not want to go to school so I got off lucky. Unfortunately looking back I can see how I didn’t always act the best myself.

Let me clarify that I never bullied people in the traditional sense of picking on somebody relentlessly and making them feel awful but I feel I sometimes didn’t help matters by often keeping quiet and agreeing with the louder more aggressive people I knew. It was only after reading a book called Friend Request that I was transported back to those insecure days of being a a teenager and realised that sometimes you can make people feel bad by simply going along with the crowd.

As a teenager you only think of yourself, it’s kind of what you’re supposed to do as you learn and get older and have to deal with more adult situations. That’s ok, of course it is because you don’t stay that way. I told my mum I hated her when I was a teenager and now I could never imagine saying something so horrible!

All people should be nicer to each other but if any teenagers out there could try now that would be great. Being a teenager is hard enough without you all attacking each other too. If there is someone that looks lonely say hello. If someone is getting bullied please report it. A simple hello and smile from someone can go a long way and you never know you might just make their day by showing simple kindness ๐Ÿ˜Š

Keeping quiet is not the best thing to do. If your friends are being horrible to someone else do you really want to be friends with them? Funnily enough if you were asked this as a small child you would say no but being a teenager is hard and sometimes you feel trapped in a situation. You’re not, there is always another path to go down.

Also to any teenagers out there I promise things aren’t that bad! Things get much worse in your twenties! ๐Ÿ˜‚ of course I’m kidding. Those friends you are desperately trying to impress will not be your friends in your 20’s. That guy that broke up with you will be a funny story when out with friends. That time your skirt was tucked into your tights and nobody told you will probably still happen at work when you’re older but you learn to laugh. Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thanks guys


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