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Lesson of the Week

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a good week!

Mine has went so so quick and thanks to some leftover holidays for work I had a half day yesterday and I have today off that has resulted in me having a shopping trip with my mum who also has a day off. Oww how times have changed! When I was a teenager shopping trips with my mum were a minefield. If I didn’t find what I needed I totally switched off and would sulk the rest of the time we were out. Now we go shopping and we either get what we need or we don’t. Most importantly though we enjoy whatever comes out of it.

At 24 I enjoy shopping trips with my mum even if I don’t get anything I originally wanted, however I still feel like I have had a good day spent with her and sometimes we may even stop and get lunch and that is always a good thing.

This played in perfectly to something someone said to me at the start of the week actually. I was told something I had never really considered before which is that our relationships with people are always changing and evolving. Of course I knew that relationships have to change with time because I couldn’t possibly have the same relationship with my brother now as I did when I was 5 because if I did we would never speak. Maybe not quite as dramatic as that but there is some truth in it. To be honest what got me more about what this person said was that they are always changing which can lead to you outgrowing one another, not in a negative way, just simply your life has moved in a different direction and the relationship therefore has had to go in the same direction.

The relationship I have with my mum is now probably at it’s absolute best because I am now old enough to fully appreciate how much of an angel she is. People have come and gone in my life but my mum’s support and love has been constant throughout and that is something I don’t think we are meant to realise until we are older and more responsible for ourselves.


That being said not all my relationships have necessarily changed for the better. There are people I had in my life who I cared a lot for that I now maybe speak to a handful of times in a year. A few years ago this would have upset me but now remembering what was said to me this week I think I am fortunate for this. It is easy to make a friendship suffer when someone won’t accept that the dynamic has changed. Yet I accepted the change in dynamic because site frankly it probably suited me too at the time but this means that if I run into them it’s pleasant rather than awkward and let’s be honest it is better to have a random catch up in a supermarket than to have to act like you were never friends at all.

There are some friends I have that I hope will always be in my life. I would hate for my best friend to suddenly not be my best friend anymore but the message I got from this lesson was that acceptance will see you through anything.

By accepting that relationships of any kind are always evolving will make you more likely to get the most out of it. Some people are only meant to be in your life for a certain time and that’s ok because hopefully they made at least an area of your life better. My relationship with the people that I still consider my second family from working in Starbucks with them has completely changed since we all left, however it still has a feeling of family about it. Why? Because I know that if I was to run into them there would be nothing but love between us all. I know that major life moments will always bring us back together and I also know that a few of them I still see regularly and that is because they are meant to be in my life to the degree that they are.


Appreciate who you have in life in whatever capacity. Let go of unrealistic expectations, especially as life can often get in the way the older you get. Remember that relationships whether they be with family friends or romantic they are not one sided meaning that everyone involved is responsible for it. Allow your relationships to grow and evolve and you might just get the best out of each of them.

Well I just kind of threw words onto a page with this post when the idea struck so I hope it didn’t end up too bad.

Thanks guys


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