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What Makes You Happy?

As I write this I am enjoying an unexpected snow day meaning that I already feel I have achieved loads for today just by being awake and fed with a tidy room just as my normal work day would be starting. This was a nice surprise as I was sent home yesterday from work due to weather warnings but fully expected to be in as normal today.

Anyway this surprise made me happy because let’s be honest an unplanned day off is the best kind, especially when I already have tomorrow off for a long weekend! Now this got me thinking about what else makes me happy, no matter how small. In my attempts to be more positive this year I thought this would be a good exercise to make me realise how good my life actually is. So what makes me happy?

Disney – Start off with an obvious one but a good one nonetheless. Everything Disney related makes me happy. I love lying in bed watching my favourite movies, I love speaking about Disney with people even if we disagree on the best movie (Lion King) and my best memories are from going to Disneyworld. If I ever have a bad day Disney will soon set it right again.


Watching TV with my parents – This is something I have grown to appreciate more too as I have gotten older. There are countless programmes that we have lined up to be recorded so we can spend some time every other night catching up. Since most of the programmes we watch start their new series around the same time of year it’s great to have a few episodes built up. Current favourites include: Elementary, Hawaii-5-O and Criminal Minds.

Cuddles from my niece – Without question these are the best moments of any of my days. Now that my niece is getting older and responding more and almost talking spending time with her fullstop makes me happy. When she activity chooses to hug me, however, is still an amazing moment because it’s a moment of pure unconditional love.


My Saturday morning 5k runs – This is something I started with a couple of friends back in around August and it has slowly become a highlight of my week. It means that by half 10 on Saturday morning I am fully awake most likely enjoying a catch up with some friends over coffee after running 5k. Not only does the exercise make me feel great but it has also created a weekly tradition which makes me more likely to see some friends.

Reading a new book – Is there any better feeling than opening those first pages of a new book? I love losing myself in a story and more often that not I will end up staying up late to finish a chapter because I find myself not being able to put my book down. Current favourites involve thrillers and I have decided that my next goal is to read more of my Sherlock Holmes collection (which honestly I advise anyone to read because they are amazing) and then read The Couple Next Door that is still on my to read list.

Walking in nature – Sometimes it is the most simple things that can make you happy. It’s so easy nowadays to get lost in the hustle and bustle of every day life that involves going from home to work and back home and staying there. It’s amazing how much a simple walk can instantly lift my mood. Being out in nature with fresh air and the overall calm atmosphere is just incredible.


Binge watching a series – As much as I love watching tv shows where you have to wait each week for the next episode I also love having an entire boxset of a show to lie in bed with and lose yourself in. Most of the time I’ll end up rematching boxsets after enough time has passed because let’s be honest how great is it not having to wait about for the next episode or suffer through advert breaks?

Music – How awful would life be without any music? I done a post a while ago on the memories I often relate to a specific song and I think this is what makes music so good. You will find music for any mood and sometimes the simplicity of listening to my favourite music while doing something like tidying my room makes a massive difference.

I can assure you there is a lot more about life that makes me happy but sitting trying to think of examples has caused my mind to go totally blank!

It’s important in life to stop and think about what makes you happy because it is far too easy to get dragged down with the things that go wrong in your life.

Would love to hear what makes all of you happy!

Thanks guys


4 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy?”

  1. I feel like I might be your life twin because everything that makes you happy.. makes me happy! Though I’m not quite at the stage of running 5k yet, I wish I was fit enough to do that! I LOVE Disney too, my fave has to be Alice in Wonderland (sorry! 😂) xx

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