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Favourite Disneyworld Attractions

Considering my blog name I should probably have already had this one done by now. Anyone that knows me knows that I could talk about Disneyworld all day, every day but I thought I would ease you all into that by telling you my favourite attractions from the wonderful world of Disney!

Tower of Terror – The creepy setting, the unnerving bellboys and the massive drop where you left your stomach behind, what’s not to love about this ride? I love the Tower of Terror! Every single time I find myself laughing as we drop for the first time and then throughout the rest of the ride it just makes me so happy. The setting is incredible and makes the overall waiting so much more enjoyable. Plus if you get someone really sticking to their character then that just adds so much to it as well. Getting told as the doors closed “see you when you’re back… maybe” or being greeted with the same person right at the entrance as you are trying to get out adds to that spooky feeling and makes everything perfect.

Space Mountain – This is one I didn’t actually start really enjoying until the last time I was in Florida back in 2014. I liked it so much that time around I am pretty sure that was the ride we went on the most. It’s such a fun ride with the added benefit of being hidden in the dark so if you’re a little bit nervous about rollercoasters this could work well for you since you can’t see where you’re going or what is coming next. Always helps if you have your big brother on the ride with you and all you can hear is him screaming “weeeeeeee” through most of it.

Wave Pool (That counts right? I’m counting it!) – I’m going to count this because it has to be the main reason I always go back to Typhoon Lagoon. It is probably the thing that makes Typhoon Lagoon my favourite water park. Is there anything more fun than diving right into a big massive wave hurtling towards you? Nope I didn’t think so, unless it is having someone throw you into it. I can say from personal experience that tends to help you get thrown back further.

chucked into the wave

Crush n Gusher – I am also a big fan of water slides and this is a personal favourite. It’s 3 slides in 1! I will be the first to admit that I genuinely adore flume rides therefore this was always going to be a personal favourite. I have to say I always preferred going on it with my brother than my mum or that because if I went on with my brother it meant I sat in the front seat which was always so much more fun. Each of the slides is slightly different meaning you can enjoy all the slides for what they are.

lol my face

Toy Story Mania – This ride is amazing! Of course due to the fact it is suited to all ages it means the wait times are always a bit long but it really is so much fun. Not only is it based on one of my favourite Disney movies (which you can check out here) but it’s a great little game that even as an adult you can genuinely enjoy. This also gives me a chance to compete against my brother and dad to see who can get the most points.


Now I will be the first to say any of the attractions after Tower of Terror could change depending on the day you ask me. If I went back to Florida now and experienced all the rides again there is a good chance I would find new favourites. The only thing I can absolutely guarantee is that Tower of Terror is my number one!

Would love to hear what attractions everyone else loves in Disneyworld!

Thanks guys


3 thoughts on “Favourite Disneyworld Attractions”

  1. Toy Story Mania is definitely our favourite, we always have major competition with the scores. One time I completely lost (I’m not exaggerating it was by loads) but the picture at the end had a glitch and swapped the scores over. It was the one picture I posted absolutely everywhere!

    Tori |
    Latest blog post: Fun April Fool’s Day Pranks!


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