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Pick Up A Book

Reading has got to be one of the simplest pleasures I enjoy in life, add in a cup of tea and you could end up not seeing me for hours.

I have always been a reader, going through countless Jacqueline Wilson books when I was in primary school. During secondary school I found it a bit more difficult to keep u with my reading but I really enjoyed my english classes then where we would dive into books like Treasure Island, To Kill a Mockingbird and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.


As I went into college and then university I found books helped me deal when I felt overwhelmed with my workload.

Recently I have finally got back into reading regularly and even decided to push myself that bit further when it comes to my reading a set myself a goal on my goodreads to read 40 books in 2018. A small amount compared to some of the goals I have seen but a more manageable and realistic one for me. Reading has really helped me to be more present in certain moments so that I am not getting myself overly anxious about the future or thinking back to the past (with my rose tinted glasses).

I would encourage anyone to read because there are so many benefits to it!

It increases your vocabulary – I know it sounds pretty boring but this is a great thing to gain from reading. Not only will this help in the big bad world of work but overall I feel it makes people more interesting to listen to.

Knowledge – This goes with the vocabulary point above but it really is a great gift to get from reading. I find myself being able to answer questions without even realising I knew the answer. You can never know too much and sometimes the best part is you’ll find out things about history or science by reading a fictional book, never mind a non fiction book.

Helps make you more focused – Now of course in order to follow a story you have to stay focused and on track and I think people often forget out vital a skill this can be in life. Nowadays people are so used to instant gratification that their attention span has drastically shortened and this can make someone much less productive. Reading allows you to stay focused on one goal and get gratification after “earning” it through completing a book.

Reduces stress – In a world where everything seems to be going a hundred miles an hour with a person constantly moving and never feeling like they can slow down it’s very easy to imagine how stressed people  can get. Reading a book transports you to a different world where your work stress, bad relationships and awkward moments do not exist and cannot bring you down.

There are countless other benefits depending on who you are and what you want to get out of reading but the point is that every single person can gain something from reading a book.

Not only does reading help expand your vocabulary and improve your knowledge and concentration but it can also work to reduce stress, keep you in the present moment but depending on if you picked the right book it can also give you a sense of total peace. I know it sounds pretty cheesy but I have managed to be completely relaxed when reading certain books, and during really tough times this is a complete Godsend.


Make 2018 the year you get back into reading. Pick whatever works for you!

Fiction or Non-Fiction.

Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Romance.

Physical book, E-book

The options go on and on so anyone can find something they can enjoy. Allow yourself to be lost in a different world and bring yourself back to the present moment in a world where it is so easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Thanks guys


1 thought on “Pick Up A Book”

  1. Reading definitely reduces my stress level. Its also my “me time”. Its a hobby of mine and one that I work hard to carve time out each day for. The experiences one can have through a book is priceless.

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