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Hello April

I love April. It is never a particularly busy month but I always feel happier in April as I get mored excited for summer getting closer.

I suppose this year it starts off better than other years thanks to Easter being earlier this year meaning that I get to enjoy an extra holiday from work on the 2nd because it’s Easter Monday. I’m not going to say no to that!

Speaking of which Easter Sunday is in April this year. I’m not going to sit here and say I care much for Easter, I am one of those people that looks forward to the chocolate involved but again thanks to my niece being here Easter also has become a family day again. Now that she is a little bit older as well I get to look forward to the look on her face when I give her her own Easter egg from me.


Part of me is kind of hoping for a possible city break with my best friend for this month or next so I’ll see what happens there.

It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday on the 8th so there is a chance that this will bring another little family day. Possibly involving a dinner or just going round to their house with presents. Maybe if the weather is good we could manage going outside somewhere, however I will not focus on that since I do live in Scotland meaning I could get any combination of seasons!

Overall I love April because of the fresh and warm feeling that normally comes with it. It’s easier to get up for work because of the light mornings and people are generally in a happier mood because of the anticipation for summer.


Everyone is finally focusing on the year ahead after the first few months have passed. It’s like we have finished our free trial of the year and finally got into the good stuff.

What does everyone else love about April?

Thanks guys


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