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University is Not For Everyone

The beginning of April will forever remind me of my looming dissertation deadline back in my final year of university in 2015. As this is no doubt the case for many of us and there are probably loads of people out there trying to get over the last hurdle of university with dissertations and exams I thought I would show people that university is not the be all and end all to life.


I wish I had this outlook back then when I was struggling through sleepless nights and constant revision with far too many cue cards.

Now of course those of you in university then continue to do the best you can but also remember that your final grade is not everything. I desperately wanted my 2:1 grade throughout my entire final year and fortunately I managed to get it, but I did suffer for it. As mentioned before I lost sleep, I was constantly looking at revision stuff for my exams and I had a complete meltdown the day before I handed my dissertation in. The weight lifted I felt after handing it in was amazing, almost euphoric and many people out there will know this feeling well but again this is not everything!

All of you out there that have graduated should be extremely proud of yourselves because I still count my degree as one of my proudest moments but I have also felt the deflation of getting this degree and still getting knocked back for countless jobs. Many times I have thought to myself that I should have just went straight into work after finishing school because I could probably have been in a decent job by now rather than scraping through some lower paying jobs in order to get that valuable experience. My degree will always be there but sometimes frustration can get the better of you when that well paid job your school almost promised you would happen if you went to university has still to appear almost 3 years after graduation.

If you are in university making yourself ill with worry please give yourself a break. For one thing summer is near enough for you to realise it is almost over. Secondly what will be will be and if you have done your best that is all you can do. Finally that end result does not define you at all! If you need good grades to get you to where you need to be you will always find a way there, it might just not be the traditional way of getting there.

If you are still at school and unsure of what to do then trust me you are not alone! If you ask most of the adults around you they will no doubt say they had no clue either. They’ll say they went to university because that’s just what you done after school, some may have always known what they wanted to do but the majority had no clue and probably still don’t. If you know university is for you then go for it with everything you have but do not forget to give yourself a break and keep things in perspective because in the real world nobody remembers that essay they got a bad grade on. If you are sitting there thinking university is not for you then trust me there are tons of other options out there. I have friends that have went down various different paths and guess what?

We’re all still, stuck in the same boat of faking it til’ we make it because we have no idea what we’re doing.

I have friends that never went to university and are making more money than me, I have friends that make less. I have friends that are studying abroad for a masters to avoid adulthood and have friends that live abroad that are doing amazingly well for themselves. There are so many paths to choose from out there now and university is not the only way forward.

To those of you in your final year struggling through revision and dissertations good luck and all the best. Remember you are almost there, you have done the hardest part already I promise!

To those of you that have no idea what you are doing please trust me when I say you are not alone and everything will be ok!

Also please note depending on what university you go to you might not get to throw the cap

Thanks guys


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