Dear Diary – 6th April 2018

Still can’t believe it’s April already! Although considering the snow we seem to still be getting I am not surprised I still think it can only be February or something.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend last week and got to spend it with those they care most about. I have to say I just love the fact that it meant I got a long weekend even if it does mean next week once it’s back to a full 5 day work week that I may struggle a bit!


Easter Sunday was spent for the most part at my brother’s because I couldn’t buy easter eggs for my niece and not give her them right? She might only be a year and a half  but by the looks of it she has the same sweet tooth for chocolate as both me and her mum. I hunted around the living room with her for smaller milky bar eggs that my brother had hidden pretty much anywhere he could. Not sure she quite understands it all yet but whenever I pointed one out to her she picked it u and put it in her wee box for them so next year should involve her doing all the searching and not me.

I have so far been very good and not touched either of my 2 Easter eggs! Can you believe it? Especially since one of them is a big Dairymilk caramel one so I honestly can’t see me putting that off much longer. My second egg was a smaller Thorntons one that my mum got my name put on. Although funny story with that being that she got 3 other eggs just like it for my brother, sister-in-law and niece all with our names on them and some how my brother’s managed to get melted because of where it was sitting in my mum and dad’s room. So he got some sports mixture instead.

Well thankfully work is over for another week and it wasn’t too bad this week but I have been struggling in the mornings this week, clearly not getting enough decent sleep so will need to get that sorted.

One upside to today is that someone I work with was nice enough to bring in cake that they had made last night and it was amazing! So amazing that I took another piece home with me – it’s fine I had a gym class tonight so it balances out.

Speaking of which that was a tough class. If anyone wants to try and lose weight or build some stamina and muscle try a kettlecise class because it is hard going. I am still trying to up my weight but I can’t seem to stick to the increased weight for the entire class. Add this to my resolutions for this year?

Also is anyone going to be watching the Masters this year? I know it’s a bit random but it’s a tradition I’ve had with my dad for years now. We always stay up too late throughout the weekend of the Masters. It was actually great during my awkward teenage years because we would end up actually talking during it – can you believe that?! This does however mean my plans for any early nights this weekend are truly ruined because I’ll be up to whatever time watching the golf. I swear if you told 10 year old me this is what I would be doing I wouldn’t have believed you. Funny how things change.

Have a great weekend

Thanks guys


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