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Sister-in-law Love

As today is my sister-in-law’s birthday I thought I’d talk about how great it is having a sister-in-law. I previously done a post about how now that I am older I have grown to appreciate how good it is to have an older brother because let’s face it you never love having a sibling of any kind as a kid the entire time.


As a child I can’t even count the amount of times I must have wished that I had an older sister rather than a brother. All my friends had sisters and that seemed better to me. I was a girl, therefore it would be better if I had a sister right? Well that ended up being wrong because obviously you grow to love what you have. People can’t ask me what it’s like having a brother because I have never known anything different, it’s like asking a twin what it’s like to be a twin.

Despite all my wishing I obviously never got an older sister but when I was 16 my brother starting going out with a girl that almost instantly felt like an older sister to me. Ok maybe I’m laying it on a bit thick but I got in with her straight away. We had similar taste in music and both of us only knew what it is was like to have a brother. About a year later my brother planned to go to New Zealand, the only problem being that my sister-in-law hated water and wasn’t sure about the swimming with dolphins activity they had booked. Enter me who has been referred to on numerous family holidays as the fish because quite frankly I think I was meant to be born a mermaid. We ended up going swimming nearly every Saturday for some time while I tried to help her deal with being in the water.

Through this time we talked about loads of things and since I was by this point reaching my final years of school I was getting advice from her on how to deal with friends, nights out and whatever else came into my head. To this day she is still giving me advice which even when I don’t need it is a real comfort 😊

So why do I love having a sister-in-law? Well because I have never had a sister and so this is the closest to what I imagine it feels like. I have someone who understands how annoying my brother can be but the funny thing is she chose to be there 😂


I have someone with similar taste in music which has resulted in around 10 concerts together! I have someone that is never too busy for me when I need help and always seems to remember even the smallest things. I also have someone that survived a two week holiday to Florida with my family! That takes some real patience, especially when you end up in a park with me and my brother who run about like 5 year olds.

She survived her first visit!

Ultimately I am grateful to her because she’s known me since I was 16 and never made me feel like the awkward teenager (or person) that I know I can be. Through her I not only gained my niece but also extra extended family through her parents, who by the way are amazing and treat me as much as a part of their family as they do my brother.

For anyone out there that has issues with the in laws I only hope it gets better for you because I can’t imagine how difficult life could sometimes get if people don’t get on.

So today I say I am thankful for my sister-in-law and her constant support, hoping that she feels she can tell me anything too. I’ve been through arguments about the best member of a boyband, wedding preparations, baby names and general moans about family that we both understand, while also being there to see her visit Disneyworld for the first time. She’s not just my brother’s wife but my friend and big sister too.


Thanks guys


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