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Why Ross Geller is the Worst Character in Friends

Everyone knows Friends and even if a person has not religiously watched all ten seasons will have a general idea of the story and the characters involved. Now out of a main cast of six characters there are bound to be times every character has annoyed the viewer, however despite their worst moments I tend to like the character overall believing these moments of jealousy or stupidity make them more relatable and enjoyable to watch as they grow through each series. Saying that there is one character that for the life of me I just cannot like and that character is Ross Gellar. Now let’s see why..

1.He thinks he is better than everyone 

Now everyone can respect people that are well educated and decide to focus on constantly learning and gaining new knowledge, however when that makes someone believe that they are therefore better as a person than their less educated friends it becomes a major flaw. Ross is not shy when it comes to putting his friends down and flaunting his “superior” knowledge around.

2. He always plays the victim 

He uses the excuse of his ex wife being a lesbian as a way to make him appear the victim. Although in the beginning I felt for him when it became clear that his ex wife was making decisions for their child with her new partner rather than him, he continues to use this as a way to make his future behaviour acceptable. Then it was not his fault his new wife didn’t want to speak to him, despite the fact he called someone else’s name at the wedding!


3. He is unbelievably jealous

Everyone can remember when Rachel finally got a job where she felt fulfilled working in the fashion industry. Everyone can also remember her handsome co worker that she was friendly with that Ross could never accept. He decided right from the off that he was a horrible person that was desperate to sleep with Rachel and so instead of having a mature conversation with Rachel and expressing his insecurities he tried his best to convince Rachel that Mark was a bad person. He also made a point of sending her gifts to work which if done properly could have been sweet but instead it was almost like he was marking his territory, later using his warped view of Rachel and Mark as an excuse for him sleeping with someone else creating the infamous “We were on a break!”

4. He is overly possessive 

The previous point also links into his possessiveness by mentioning how he acted with Rachel when she finally had a job that made her more independent, however this does not stop into the later seasons either. Throughout the entire run of Friends Ross looked at Rachel as if she belonged to him and therefore every relationship or even every potential relationship was met with trouble from him. Even in later seasons when Joey goes to Ross for help admitting he has feelings for Rachel Ross has a go at Joey rather than taking the time to understand Joey. Ross is also petty enough to not deliver phone messages to Rachel after she meets a guy on a night out.

5. He is very selfish  

He does not consider other people’s feelings at all! He cheats on people but tries to argue he is always in the right for it. Cheating on the bald girl was ok because it gave himself a chance at getting back together with Rachel, despite the fact that once this happened he couldn’t even be bothered to read the letter that Rachel asked him to read. He even lies to Rachel about their marriage being annulled. Why? Because he doesn’t want to have three divorces under his belt, nothing to do with Rachel’s feelings at all. He always uses his own sister and best friend to try and get Rachel when Monica and Chandler are trying to move in together. He tries to manipulate them to do whatever he feels works best for him after realising that if Rachel moves in with him then he will have to deal with the guys that she will no doubt start dating. One minute he pushes them to move in together so Rachel lives with him and the next he tries to convince them not to because well let’s be honest he doesn’t care about what they want.


6. Only he can be right in his eyes

He enjoys being right and often pushes his point onto all his friends. One particular time was when the gang were helping to clear out Mr Heckles flat after he passed away and Phoebe mentioned in passing that she does not believe in evolution – knowing Phoebe’s character this does not surprise me at all. Ross on the other hand was not just surprised but it appeared to be angry at the fact that she doesn’t believe in it. Now keeping in mind he has been friends with Phoebe for years by this point not only should he not be surprised by this but he should in no way be angry at her because he should know what she is like as a person. Instead he spent the entire episode forcing his views onto her and in the end getting told ff by her for being so close minded. He also gives Phoebe a hard time when she believes her mum’s spirit is in a cat. Weird of course but is her belief hurting you? No? Then simply support her considering you are supposed to be her friend

7. He’s not actually a good friend 

I honestly have no idea why anyone chooses to spend time with him. Monica has to see him because they’re family and arguably that would cover Chandler too after he marries Monica, however I don’t see why anyone else considers him a friend. He is an awful friend. I’ll be fair that when he got Phoebe her bike that was a genuinely sweet moment of pure friendship but that is about all I could find. He makes Joey feel terrible when he comes out honestly about his feelings for Rachel but rather than help his friend during this difficult time he uses it as a perfect time to further claim Rachel as his property and use this as an excuse to make Joey feel bad for something that quite frankly he can’t control.  Speaking of Joey after the proposal after Emma was birth episode he held a grudge against Joey and yet Rachel got away with it. She said yes! This once again links into his possessive and selfish nature.

8. He is the typical “nice guy”

In every american sitcom with this kind of set up there tends to be the “nice guy” in every group. Of course by nice guy I don’t actually mean a genuinely nice person I mean that guy that hates the fact that girls they like fall for the more unpleasant guys. They moan about how unfair life is because they would treat these girls better and get they are constantly only seen as the friend. Now if they were actually unfairly treated I would feel for them. however these exact same men are also the ones that use the unfairness in their life as an excuse for when they do something wrong. Let’s just remember that Ross slept with someone the same night he went on “a break” with Rachel, he kissed Rachel while stile in a relationship with Bonnie with every intention of taking it further and continued to lie to Mona about everything that was going on with Rachel and the pregnancy rather than be honest. Of course he would then argue that it was someone else’s fault. Other nice guy types are like Leonard in TBBT and Ted in HIMYM.


I could go on for so much longer about why I dislike Ross so much but I suppose that is one of the great things about a TV show like Friends. There are a few main characters all with their own positives and negatives making them more realistic to the audience and making it more fun to discuss because everyone has their own favourites for their own reasons.

Who is your least favourite (or favourite) Friends character and why?

Thanks guys


11 thoughts on “Why Ross Geller is the Worst Character in Friends”

  1. This is great!! I’ve always actually liked Ross’ ‘geeky’ and kind of eccentric humour, but I completely agree with this. Particularly the whole ‘we were on a break’ thing. Seriously, what a total idiot! What kind of person would do that to the person they love 😂♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, really enjoyed this post. Even though I loved Ross’s character growing up, I totally see what you mean. He can get annoying at times.

    Oh and just discovered you from the blog party hun, you have a lovely blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

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