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If You Hate Your Job – Quit

Ok that title is maybe a bit too unrealistic considering that circumstances are always different for every individual.

If I have learnt anything over the past year or two is how much of an impact your job can have on your life. I never gave my job much consideration until I graduated university and to be honest I never realised how much my job defined how my life went. In university I started working part time at Starbucks to pay for my car, clothes and nights out with my friends. By the time I had graduated I decided to stay on for a year at Starbucks almost full time to give myself a bit of breathing room to work out what my “adult” job would be. I done this because I was familiar with my job and I genuinely loved my team at work, they were like my second family. By the time I left this had changed but this was important at the time of my decision.


When my job at Starbucks worked well it really worked. I felt relaxed going to work every day because it basically meant I would see my best friends pretty much every day. Of course anybody that has been in Starbucks knows how busy it can be and sometimes that would make days hard but ultimately being surrounded by a good team made even the worst days and worst comments from a customer bearable.

By having a settled job it meant planning my social life around it was easy, I knew roughly how much money I was able to spend and overall I felt I had achieved something by the end of the day.

This doesn’t happen if you are in a job you hate. Or at least it doesn’t work as well.

As people are different and therefore react differently some people can compartmentalise their lives and not allow their contempt for their job affect other areas. They can view their job simply as a means to an end and accept their job for what it is. Others, however, struggle with this and sometimes their dislike for their job can seep into other areas of their life. This is something that happens with me and this makes me want to tell others…

No job is worth your happiness 

If a job really does affect your well being I can tell you it’s not worth it. I can also tell you leaving this job will bring you closer to that job you are meant to have.

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My first “adult” job was without a doubt the worst job I ever had. It felt unorganised and I felt isolated day in and day out. Looking back maybe I wasn’t ready for the drastic shift in my life going from my university job to my “forever” job. Of course no job is your forever job but most people will take on a job with a look towards it lasting a while. I will say that there were other changes going on in my life so I can’t outright blame my job for how I felt during this time but I feel it has a larger impact than I ever considered before.

In the end I had to leave this job before my contract was up because I was struggling to cope. This was a combination of things but considering how much time you spend at work I do often wonder how things would have turned out if my job had been more settled.


I managed to get a short term contract after this job and I felt a difference in things thanks to this. The job was more settled, the pay was decent for what I was doing and thanks to me being busy every day I felt more settled. Still not 100% but much better.

Since then I have left that job too and found a permanent job that again does not tick every single box. However the difference I feel in myself is insane! I genuinely enjoy my job and the people I work with. The benefits are great (case and point I am currently writing this on a nice bank holiday day off) and I am also interested in the job making the learning that much more fun. Also most importantly for me anyway is that my supervisor and team leader have a clear cut plan for my development and that makes m more secure in my feelings towards my job and where it could lead.

From this experience I am now the first to tell someone that a job is just that, a job. Everyone has bills to pay and n doubt people that may rely on you but even if you cannot leave your job now make plans to get yourself out. If you are waking up every morning dreading work then already your days are tainted with negativity. I bet you also feel a bit down by a certain point at night when the reality of the next working day looms.

If you still live at home just leave the job while you have the support of your parents. If you have your own place and have bills to pay make steps to get yourself to a better place. Apply for jobs and the difference will eventually be clear to you because you will see a light at the end of the tunnel.


Also please remember that no decision is permanent. Depending on who you are a job is either a way to live your life or it is a profound part of who you are. Some people train for years for a specific job and therefore it becomes a part of who they are but at the end of the day your health should be your main priority. No matter what category you fall into nobody should dread going to work day in and day out. Be fed up sure. Count down the days to your next holiday fine but do not allow yourself to wake up each morning miserable.

Thanks guys


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